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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Picks


We are gearing up for this year’s big holiday party at the Vaid house and are looking for your help! As usual the three of us were fighting over who was going to pick out what to wear for the kids and had to battle it out. Well, turns out we need you guys help us! We each went out and picked our favorite looks for the kids and decided that we’ll dress them in whatever the majority of our readers choose! For Sheena & Dipti they could easily spend hundreds of dollars getting the perfect outfits so Nina, the smarty pants she is, decided to cap our limit to a total of $250 for 6 kids. So lets get started!

Sheena’s Holiday Picks




Sheena LOVES to shop, so needless to say, this was a fun little project for her (especially because she finally got to dress the girls in what she likes without Nina’s input). As much as Sheena likes her designer nit bits, she LOVES herself a great bargain too! For kids clothes in general, she will always stick the fashionable, yet conservatively priced items with small splurges on essential wardrobe pieces. She quickly realized how rapidly the boys grow, so going nuts with designer wear for them just wasn’t her thing (yet). Plus, she has boys, so the way they wear and tear through their clothes – she couldn’t handle it! She also isn’t a huge fan of buying clothes at the regular kids clothing stores, as that results in most kids walking around in the same gear. SO, with those two things in mind, she is a HUGE fan of T.J. Maxx! Yes, you read that right! T.J. Maxx!! That store is a complete hit or miss, but when it’s a hit, it is a home run for her!

For the boys, she chose some fun holiday sweaters. She loves the layering of sweaters and button down shirts, so she stayed classic with that style for all 4 of the boys. Shailin wanted to try something different (his idea, not hers) so he threw that sweater over his shoulders and tied it around. She paired his with a linen button down shirt. As usual, she is obsessed with Converse chuck taylors for the boys, so all FOUR, she paired their looks with those. The boys sweaters came from TJMaxx and their Levis jeans are from there as well (sorry, no links!). Diav’s shirt and pants (similar here) came from Children’s Place and sweater from Old Navy (similar here). As for the girls, she is LOVING fur and capes for them! For Niva, she paired a sweater dress with a collar up faux fur vest. Naya got a fun cape with a faux fur color and leggings tucked into boots! Again, their outfits were also from TJ Maxx.

Nina’s Holiday Picks




Nina is probably the most economical of us all since she HAS to shop for girls all day long, she is rarely phased by all the cute offerings in the marketplace. Her one store that she absolutely adores is H&M kids line. They again can be hit or miss, but some of their seasons are an ABSOLUTE hit and super affordable… this fall line was no exception. For the boys, she fell in love with the emerald green velvet blazer for Saiyan and then tailored all the kids around that look. She got matching bow ties for the older 3 boys and then a Vest-Shirt for Shailin and Sweater / Shirt for Shann.

Again for the girls, she chose these Dress / Jacket combos since they were comfortable, her girls’ only requirement, and cute. Not being in so many different pieces helped her get the outfits on them in a split second (as opposed to her sister’s choices!!!). And her dear Nylo got the accent red bow tie – also from the H&M kids line!

And for our munchkin, well he looks cute in just about anything! So she chose a simple Outfit for him that was all one set – this way at least she knew all the pieces would match and fit. (Dipti decided to add the red cap – and it did ultimately look super cute!)

For Nina, her idea was to make all 6 of them match as a coordinated set, so she knew she did not want to shop at too many places. Usually stores like H&M, Gymboree and Gap Kids will have styles that span the age ranges and all kind of flow together – so that is usually where she goes to get all the kiddies matching things when we need them!

Dipti’s Holiday Picks




Dipti had a tough time with the older boys! Her preference when it comes to dressing boys, especially her own, is thug life! Well, that wasn’t going to work for the holidays so she had to reset her brain to look for proper holiday gear! She first made her way to Zara – her absolute favorite store for kids’ clothes but quickly realized that her $250 would be depleted with just the twins! So she made her way to H&M – another one of her favorites for kids’ clothes and found her perfect outfits for the boys. She wanted to put Shailin in a preppy look – gray pants with a maroon button down top! She decided Shaan was a little bit of a wild card so she picked red pants and a sober blue and white sweater for him. Finally, she knew Saiyan would love something fun and crazy so she picked a fun sweater with blue slacks. Of course when Sheena went to put their outfits on, they all wanted Saiyan’s, Shailin refused to wear the maroon, and Shaan wanted the gray. Typical!!

For the girls, Dipti literally wanted to get everything. Again, she first started at Zara – a store she was pretty sure she could find everything in! Well, she did – she just couldn’t afford it within budget!!! She spent hours in there trying her hardest to keep within budget but it was just near impossible! She did, however, find these gorgeous hats for Naya and Niva that she just couldn’t part with so she decided to get them and cut back on their clothes (ugh, thank goodness she doesn’t have a girl!!)! For Niva, she wanted to get something not too girly since that is so not her style (yes, this chick already has a style) so she got a solid color dress from P.S. Kids. For Naya, she knew she could glam her up with a fuzzy top and a fancy shimmery skirt and her girl would dazzle in it!

Finally, for Diav Dipti wanted to keep him comfortable and warm. She decided to go with a super cute Santa beard sweater from Baby Gap with a pair of his most comfortable skinny jeans from Next. She also wanted to add a fun holiday hat to the look – which she looked for everywhere on the internet and ended up finding at Gymboree (why she didn’t look their first is a mystery)! Her bubba looked super cute and didn’t moan or complain about his comfort once, which to her is a success!

So guys, we need your help! Pick your favorite looks (you don’t have to pick one sister, you can pick any look from any sister)! Based on what you guys pick, they’ll wear the outfits to our huge Christmas Eve celebration at we’ll post pictures to our Instagram! Comment below with your preference! THANKS SO MUCH – we really need to stop fighting over these kids!

4 Comments on “‘Tis the Season for Holiday Picks

  1. Tanushree Mehta says:

    Nina’s picks!

  2. Saraswathi Sriram says:

    Nina’s pick for the boys, Dipti’s pick for the girls and Sheena’s pick for Diav.

  3. Shireen Bethala-George says:

    Personally love the formal look, as I always do that for my boys as well. I’m going with Nina!

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