Sheena, Nina & Dipti

We’re South Asian women, first generation Americans, and mommies to 9 crazy kids and a pup! We are 3 sisters with 3 very different styles and 3 very different opinions, we have developed a true love/hate relationship with each other as we have grown up. love, SND (formally, Runways & Rattles) has become our portal to share our individual styles, experiences and inspirations. We hope you enjoy the glimpse into our world, our life, our passions and our fashion!!!

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Meet Sheena

“Do It Yourself” queen, mother of 3 boys, jeweler, perfectionist, glamorous, stubborn, poised, and personable. Her fashion style is neat, crisp, classy, trendy, patterned, and flattering. Her hobbies include lots of DIY projects (from invitations to entire parties!), going out with her girlfriends, date nights with her hubby, make-up, oh and shopping!!!

Sheena Collage


Meet Nina

Mother of 3 girls and a pup, pediatric nurse practitioner, perfectionist, opinionated, hopeless romantic, creative, nerd, passionate, and altruistic. Her fashion sense can be described as comfortable, non-trendy, statement pieces, whimsical, eclectic, minimalistic and timeless. Her hobbies include organizing anything and everything, finding great deals for furnishing her home, building/fixing things, traveling, helping people, and re-watching Bollywood classics and episodes of Friends.

Nina Collage


Meet Dipti

“Baby” of the family, mother to , lawyer, quirky, emotional, dependent, argumentative, passionate, and obsessive. Her fashion sense can be described as sentimental, eccentric, trendy, vintage, ethnic, multidimensional and versatile. Her hobbies include watching lots of television with her hubby, online shopping, going through old things and bringing them back to life (from our granny’s sari to mommy Vaid’s baubles), hanging out with her friends, going to see Indian movies the day they come out, and traveling to DC repeatedly!