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Dhoti and Lace

Is it us or have wedding receptions turned into a red carpet event, where everyone experiments with cool new items and finally we let out our inner demigod of fashion? Don’t get us wrong! We absolutely love it! Watching people be creative with their fashion is something we are completely into and as you already know, love doing ourselves. Even though our blog took a little break, we sure didn’t. Life went on and fashion is still on our minds (as usual). Sometimes we get nervous with the experimenting when Mommy Vaid is going to be at the same event because she usually isn’t down with some of our more risky fashion choices, lol, but this one was a winner with her!

Dipti’s experience at the last wedding reception she went to was just that – a runway full of amazing Indian trends. She didn’t know many people who were attending and thought it was the perfect time to experiment with her own closet a little. You guys remember her dhoti pants from this outfit? If you know Dipti, you know she loves her Indian staples. She buys clothes that she knows she can pair differently. She also wore these dhoti pants with a jacket that all three of 3 wore in different ways.

This time she wanted to change things up and wear it with a lace top Nina had gotten from Forever21 ages ago (similar here and here and here) and has worn in a gazillion different ways. She broke up all the black with a gold belt (similar here) and completed the look with bright yellow gold earrings (her favorite).

The look was a hit and it cost her a total of zero new dollars! That’s always a plus. We love looking into our closets and fusing our Indian wear with our Western wear, especially since between the three of us we have a freaking store at this point. Give it a shot with your pieces are tag us on Instagram @_lovesnd_, we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Need help? Shoot us an email to with some pieces you are looking to work with and we can help you pair them together with some fun ideas!

Enjoy the rest of your week!
Love, SND

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