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Dipti’s Amazon Fashion Finds

Dipti hates to shop retail stores, that is no secret to anyone. But when it’s as easy as a single click, there’s no stopping her! If you like high end style at a low budget, stay here for Dipti‘s finds all over the internet. Today’s we’re starting with Amazon!

Dipti discovered shopping on Amazon for essentials a few years ago but lately it’s been her first stop for everything – and 9 out of 10 times, she finds what’s she’s looking for. Check out her reviews on some of her Amazon buys (rated out of 10 stars):

Casual Work T-Shirts:

7/10 – Dipti needed work shirts that were casual to wear in the office but didn’t look like straight up t-shirts. She found these deep V neck shirts and they totally worked. The only thing that Dipti doesn’t like about these is that they have zero stretch in them, so they’re slightly tight around the arms and upper chest, but otherwise, they pair well with work skirts and pants.

Kurti for Kal’s Birthday Party:

10/10 – As you recall from Kal’s birthday party postDipti really wanted to do a Holi theme this year. She bought this kurta as the perfect outfit for the occasion. And it really was! It was a June birthday party so it was light and perfect for the hot weather. She paired it with white leggings she had from another kurta and it turned out great!

Casual Summer Dress:

10/10 – This dress was exactly what Dipti wanted – a super casual, super airy dress to wear around the house or around the pool. She actually just bought it in more colors! It does run a little big but she wanted it to be loose and flowy so she got a size small.

Deep Plunge Bra:

10/10 – Dipti needed this for Sammy’s big 40th birthday bash. She found the dress of her dreams (for a steal!) and needed a plunge bra to go with it. Of course shopping at VS was not an option since that store is just too much for her mind, so she went on amazon and found this gem! It worked out perfectly for the dress!

Mama Llama Shirt:

10/10 – Remember Dipti and Sachin’s photoshoot in Aruba? Well, a million people asked Dipti where she got her Mama Llama shirt – it was Amazon!!! She wanted to wear a shirt that Diav would love and he adores this one! He knows all the Llama Llama books by heart so seeing mommy wear this shirt was quite great for him! Dipti cut the neck a little to make it off the shoulder but you could leave it as is and it would still be super cute!

Black Off the Shoulder Top:

9/10 – This is one of those essential shirts Dipti got to wear with jeans. It’s casual and cool and works on top of almost anything!

Gray Off the Shoulder Sweater:

8/10 – another essential that is too cute to pass up. This sweater is great, the only problem Dipti had with it was that it would catch onto things because it was all “holes.” But if yo’re careful, it’s a great top!

Black Drop Shoulder Dress:

10/10 – Ok to start with, when Dipti bought this dress in 2016 it was $47.95. It is a great dress to have for every occasion! She wore it to her anniversary dinner, her judge’s reception dinner, a night out with her girlfriends, and to dinner with her family in India! You can’t go wrong! It’s a slinky material so it doesn’t hug your body, it falls nice and straight and that’s what she loves about this dress – it doesn’t accentuate her post-baby curves!

Let us know if you have found a must-have on Amazon that you think is a great deal! We love to see what others are shopping for as well! Stay tuned for Sheena and Nina’s picks as well!



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