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SND is back and excited as ever!

And we’re back!!! New experiences, realizations, altering life paths, journeys, spiritual awakenings, milestone events, and so much more to share that we knew it was time to revive Love, SND!

We know, we know – you’ve heard that before! Let us explain…

Yes, this blog has been an emotional and commitment rollercoaster for years. We get on, get off and get back on again at any given moment. But isn’t that life in general? There are no guarantees of what life is going to throw your way, so you navigate through the best you know how and hope you are living the best version of it. We have zero regrets and don’t feel like we need to defend ourselves because we have some of the best and loyal followers in the game and we know you have been through it all with us all these years and will always have our backs!

With that being said, one of Sheena’s goals in this new decade is to focus on her and one of her passions since the beginning has been this blog. Three sisters, being there for each other, sharing their dreams, lives, struggles and of course fashion with their favorite people. We have shared everything from renewing your wardrobe to kids home remedies to DIY projects to our pregnancies. We have navigated through our traditions and culture while living in the US and shared the most valued lessons we have learned from momma Vaid. It has been quite the journey and we are excited to carry on the best way we know how. We aren’t trying to be big bad bloggers or make multi-millions of dollars (though that would be fantastic, right?) through this blog, we are just sharing our inspirations in hopes of inspiring you.

Sheena, Nina and Dipti started this blog 6 years ago in 2014 (previously called “Runways & Rattles”) and took a long needed break the past couple of years for family, moving, work roles, etc. Recently, we all have had some long, meaningful conversations about life, goals, regrets, motives and of course “Love, SND.” A few years ago, with all the changes in our life structures, the pressure of being bloggers was too real and we found it tearing us apart instead of bringing us together, which was why we created the blog in the first place. Simultaneously, there were (and still are) so many crazy things happening with the internet, that we got nervous to be so accessible and active on such an “exposed” platform, putting our lives, kids, homes, etc. on display and therefore decided the risk wasn’t worth it. Over the past couple of months (maybe even weeks), we have realized that, YES, the internet and social media can be risky business, but it can also be a very positive, rewarding, inspiring and safe place within limits and control of your exposure.

We are so lucky to have so many great followers that actually care and keep asking when we are posting again – SO with that being said the three of us are finally back in the headspace to be there for you again! We are excited to be back with new content, new ideas, new visions and a really fresh take on life. You may love us, you may hate us (though that’s mean) or you may not care at all, but we are making this an outlet for US and are grateful to inspire even one person along this ride.

Sheena, Nina & Dipti are back – so brace yourself for some new ideas that may inspire you like it has them, as they take you on their journeys through this life…

Love, SND

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