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THANK YOU! – This is 40

By now everyone knows Sheena turned 40 two weeks ago and it has taken her the full 15 days to find the words and emotions to sum up what this milestone birthday meant to her. Initially she was bummed that in the midst of Covid-19, her celebrations weren’t going to be what she expected, but they turned out better than she could have imagined and so much more meaningful than she hoped for. Her heart is SO full and at this point overflowing from how much love and appreciation has been showered on her. She can genuinely say that she is happy. Happy that life is exactly the way it was meant to be and just perfect. She is one lucky girl and is truly feeling blessed.

40 has been one celebration after the other. Small groups of close friends and family who have poured their hearts out in celebrating with her. Having those intimate conversations that she will remember for a lifetime meant the world to her. Everyone from Samir, to her family, BU friends, Edison friends, Holmdel friends, and beyond! She is so incredibly grateful for all the texts, emails, cards and messages of kind words. It has been one EPIC celebration!

From Sheena…

First, the two pieces of my heart, Nina and Dipti. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! These two hosted my BU (plus a couple) friends, a group of ladies that all turn(ed) 40 this year. We had an amazing trip planned to celebrate us all turning 40 together which, because of Covid, didn’t quite work out. I was bummed but my sisters turned that sentiment upside down with the most incredible Covid friendly get together that went beyond my wildest imagination. It was an evening full of great friends, wine, food, laughs, dancing and stories! They made sure every detail of that evening was perfect and thought out. It went from champagne to food to a sommelier-hosted wine tasting, to heartfelt toasts by my besties that are still ringing in my ears. A stunning cake, a Salman Khan themed video message and 90s music into the night full of dancing and laughs. Let’s not forget an amazing photoshoot to keep the memories alive forever. It all ended with a beautiful gift exchange of friendship bracelets that commensurate all of us turning 40 together. It was perfect…

To my best friends…THANK YOU for making the evening as perfect as ever. I truly am so blessed to have a girl squad like this in my corner for life. We have navigated the past 20+ years together and I can’t imagine a better group of best friends to do life with. You each hold such a special place in my heart and I am forever grateful for our sisterhood that proves to be present, connected and here for each other through thick and thin. If there is one thing I have learned from you gals, it’s to live for today and appreciate the bonds that make us stronger. Cheers to celebrating every decade just like the last! Love you girls to the moon and back.

Second, Samir. I know you had big plans for my 40th but guess what? It was perfect! Thank you for always being my backbone. I know I can be difficult (sometimes, lol) but you must love me for it, because, 17 years is a longggggg timeeeee! This birthday I demanded something of you that I knew you would hate me for but you had the whole family come together and make it happen for me and for that I am super grateful. (Will share when it all comes together in it’s final version.) You knew that the 8.5 little humans (plus Nylo) that I live for would make my day complete and you made that happen for me on my birthday without me having to lift a finger. Parents, in-laws, BILS, sisters – family, just family. You just get me and for that I’m forever grateful. All that and a fun day on the water, boating, drinking, eating, swimming and just having some plain old fun with the kiddos! Thank you babe for knowing exactly what would make my birthday memorable, Covid or not!

Third, family. Thank you for your unconditional love and support. This birthday especially, I realized how much fun it is to celebrate with m loved ones. Thank you for indulging in my little project as well, I know it wasn’t easy but I surely appreciate it. I am one lucky girl to have the biggest, most loving and full of life family to teach me important lessons in my journey to being a better person. You all teach me everyday how important it is to be kind, generous and live with an open and full heart. Know that it is because of you I am grateful for life.

Forth, Edison gals. Our friendship has lasted literally a lifetime for us. From elementary school until now, you have been a part of my life from the time when I began to understand what “friends” meant. Though we don’t see each other all the time or talk all the time, it is humbling to know we can just pick back up where we left off and carry on. Our friendship has stood the test of time and I am so grateful that you gals are still in my life. Even though we couldn’t celebrate as a full group (yet), know that I am always thinking about you and wishing you well. Thank you for making the time and effort to celebrate my big milestone!

Fifth, Holmdel crew. Good god, I am one lucky girl! I moved to Holmdel only two years ago but it feels like a lifetime of living here. The friendships I have made in this town are irreplaceable. I am so fortunate to have so many caring, loyal and full of life friends in town that are always down for anything and everything! There were intimate dinners, a pool night, lots of cake and champagne and a birthday morning surprise. On birthday morning, some of the girls performed a BOLLYWOOD FLASH MOB dance! So freaking cool!! The ladies practiced for weeks and weeks with the help of Sonya and Rupa and surprised me on my birthday morning with a full on performance in my back yard. It was amazing and so well done. That was followed by mimosas, cake, donuts, coffee and so many laughs! Thank you to my amazing Holmdel mommas for making this birthday so special.

Sixth, this little crew of mine. I don’t even know what to call you. My girlfriends (and their super fun hubbies) that make life fun, fierce and full of laughter. Each of you are so insightful, helpful, loving and full of life that makes every moment of life a party! My go-to for so many life lessons, recipes, advice and just an outlet to lean on. It’s a pleasure knowing I always have a crew to just belly laugh with when that absolutely needed! Thank you for taking the time out for me 🙂

And last but not least to my FaceBook and Instagram family, THANK YOU so much for all the well wishes you showered on me. I read every message and relished in the fact that you took that moment to think about me and pen a simple message that meant the world to me!

A Covid friendly birthday has actually been a blessing in disguise. The intimacy of this birthday has been the best part of it. Remembering every conversation and having the time to reflect on relationships has been priceless. The best part of it all was going down memory lane with soooo many while creating more memories that fill my soul. If I forgot to thank you in my rant, know that every moment was appreciated and I am grateful! Thank you 40 for showing me who the most important people in my life are! I will forever celebrate them…

love, SND

P.S. I will shamelessly be posting tons of photos of all my mini celebrations on my Instagram account, so stay tuned…

P.P.S. This may be my last “40” post but I do plan on sharing lots of life lessons, fashion updates and so much more about this new decade in this space. Be prepared…

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