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Sari Blouse & Safety Pin Hacks


Remember this sari from one of our most popular posts, “Wrap Me Pretty” – where we showcased 9 different ways to drape a sari (including a video tutorial)? Well, we are using the sari blouse from this ensemble to show 3 easy and quick sari hacks to either make the blouse larger or smaller as needed. There are so many times we want to wear a specific sari but the blouse just doesn’t fit. In most of those cases, we rarely have time to get it altered by a tailor in time, so these safety pin hacks save us all lots of time. The best part is that these methods will not damage the sari blouse – so get ready to borrow those favorites from your bestie or mommy!!!

Blouse Hack 1 – Make it bigger:


We just recently used this hack when we did our cute bow on a sari post. Basically, Nina’s bump was in the way of the bottom two buttons, so we added the largest size safety pins across the bottom two hooks where the loop was and instead of hooking onto the fabric loop, we fastened the blouse by hooking it onto the safety pin. Keep in mind, this only really works if the closure is in the front of the blouse and you will be keeping the sari pleated up. If the sari is not see-thru then you could probably wear an open palu. If however the hooks are in the back, you could always remove a seam from the inside using a safety pin to break the thread lines to make your blouse bigger – just make sure there is another seam line behind it so the whole blouse does not open up!!! (See the last set of pictures below to see what we are talking about – clearly this blouse has a lot of seams we could open up to make the blouse bigger!)

Blouse Hack 2 – Make it smaller:



This one is our all time favorite hack when we are in a bind and we need to make a blouse smaller within minutes – believe us it happens more often than you would think! We take safety pins and create new loops, so to speak, in which to fasten the blouse hooks into. It’s a great, quick method to making a blouse smaller that literally takes seconds, and you can change it to any size! You can use this method no matter where the closure is: front, side or back! The only catch is if there is some sort of design element on the sari blouse that becomes distorted upon closing the blouse on the new hooks – in that case, check out the last hack!

Blouse Hack 3 – Make it smaller:



For this hack, we usually use needle and thread to “sew” a new seam closer to the middle of the blouse (see safety pin placement above). But if you are not the sewing kind, or do not have enough time, thread, or patience, then use this trick. Use a bunch of safety pins going down the side seams of the blouse, essentially creating a seam line with safety pins instead of thread. It gives the same outcome and can be more easily removed when you are done wearing/borrowing the sari. Just be sure you are doing it evenly on both sides or else the middle of your blouse will be off center!

Are these hacks ones you have used before or use often? Do you have other hacks that your safety pins have saved you time on? Share with us below or tag us with #runwaysandrattles on Instagram or @ Runways & Rattles on Facebook! We always love hearing from you!


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