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RAR Thanksgiving Black Friday


Thanksgiving is the one holiday that we should be celebrating everyday. In honor of today, we wanted to take a moment to give our thanks to you, our audience, for the love and support you have given Runways & Rattles the past two years. We appreciate you all so much and wanted to say, THANKS!

We are also abundantly thankful for the men and women who protect us and allow us and our children to live safely in this country. In light of recent news, it has become more apparent than ever how lucky we are that there are people who put their own lives on the line to take care of this country and allow us to live each day without being in constant fear. It is so humbling. We are grateful for our family and friends – after all what else is there to life than counting your blessings, appreciating every day you are given, and valuing those around you that help make all of those things memorable! And lastly, not definitely not least, we are thankful for the happy and healthy children we have been blessed with (the count now is 4 boys, 2 girls and 1 on the way). They complete our lives in so many ways and to imagine a life without them now is impossible. God has blessed our family with more than we could ever ask for and we pray that it remains that way always for us and everyone else.

Now for the second best thing about this holiday – the day after!!! Everyone is hoping to score some great Black Friday deals. The three of us also have some much wanted things that we’re hoping we can score a bargain on! Of course none of us can go out at midnight like we used to because, well, as much as we want to blame the kids, we’re just too tired to go out and do that whole ordeal. We’re super jealous of those who are going – please let us know what you find!

Sheena’s Black Friday Lookouts:

1) Apple Mac Air Laptop: Sheena is in dire need of a new laptop. Her existing one just isn’t cutting it, especially with all this new found blogger work she as acquired 🙂 She is a Mac girl through and through, where on the contract, her hubby is so anti-macs. The struggles of married life! Let her know if you see or hear of a good deal on the 13 inch Mac Air.

2) Kettle Bell Set & RX Jump Rope: Since Sheena is so full fledge into CrossFit these days, she is definitely falling into the craze of owning all things CrossFit, including a full on kettle bell set. She uses them so much at her CF gym and would like a set at home to do some fun workouts when she cant make it to the gym. They are on the pricey side, so she will be on the lookout for a deal on this set!

3) Dyson Cordless Vacuum: Having kids is a messy job!! There is always food crumbs, paper shreds and dirt/sand all over the house! It drives both her and Samir crazy. She has had the big mommy dyson for a longggg time and has loved it! She is ready for a cordless one that she can run after the kids with, and this one fits the bill! Hoping this one pops up on a black friday deal.

4) Valentino Rockstud Pumps: Sheena is in love with these bad boy shoes! They are definitely an investment for a pair of shoes, but such a great investment (in her eyes). She has realized that Valentino never, ever goes on sale or is never included in any companies discounted offers, it is one of a few brands that is always on the exclusions list. SO, this black friday, she is going to keep a look out at ebates to grab these beauties. If you don’t know what ebates is, you need to know!!! It is a site that gives you money back for shopping through their site and many company stores online. It’s amazing! If you aren’t signed up, sign up here and shop away!

Nina’s Black Friday Lookouts:

1) Northface Jackets: Nina’s girls go through clothes, jackets, shoes, etc. like hot cakes. We all know how expensive clothing and accessories can be for girls, especially when they are in the growing phase. Therefore, Nina is on the lookout for good deals on a couple of Northface winter jackets for the girls that will hopefully last them through two winters. She wants something warm but not too bulky…any recommendations are welcome!

2) Dyson Cordless Vacuum: Nina is also on the lookout for this vacuum for Mommy Vaid. She and Dipti already have one, but Sheena and their mom badly need to get on board with this, so she is also look for this deal to come through.

3) Maternity Leggings: Nina does not want to invest a lot into maternity clothes this time around as she is positive this is her last go around – and this time she ONLY likes full panel leggings. If she can score a deal on these, she’d be thrilled!

Dipti’s Black Friday Lookouts:

1) Dropcam: Dipti and Sach have a playroom in their house that is out of sight if they’re in the kitchen/family room. They want D to get some alone play time but want to keep an eye on him just in case. Sheena and Nina have dropcams set up in their playrooms and around the house and it’s super helpful if they’re not around to check in on the kids. So Dipti is looking for some bargains on a few dropcams this season.

2) Apple Trackpad: Ok, this is so not a necessity but Dipti saw this once and is obsessed! She’s been wanting for it months but just can’t get herself to spend $130 on something purely aesthetic! So lets hope for a miracle sale on Apple products so she can get it!

3) Apple Desktop: Again, nothing she needs, but she’s been Thunderbolt display for a few weeks. She wants a cool docking station for her laptop since she hates being on such a small screen. Again, $1,000 – not happening. So another miracle Apple sale would be great!

4) Snow Boots: Someone told Dipti it is absolutely unacceptable to still be wearing Uggs at her age (heart breaking news). She wore them all of last winter because she was pregnant and those were literally the only shoes that fit her (best excuse ever)! So, she’s in the market for new snow boots and she’s been loving these SOREL ones. Hopefully she can catch a good deal on them and finally be done with her Uggs!

From our family to yours, we wish you an amazing Thanksgiving and prosperous shopping spree.

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