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A Velvet Affair


Who would have ever thought that Sheena and Nina would pick out the same outfit at different times! Well, it happened and we all almost fell over! On Sheena’s last trip to India she bought an anarkali outfit that came with a gorgeous velvet vest jacket that she knew would be a hit throughout her wardrobe. At the same time, Nina was in a bind and needed to hide her baby bump because she hadn’t shared the news and needed an outfit that would do the job! She ran to a local store in NJ and bought an anarkali with a vest thinking it would be perfect to hide her bubby from the world! When the two wanted to brag about their finds they were shocked to find that they had bought the same outfit (thankfully in different colors)!

Well, Dipti instantly fell in love with the vest – I mean who wouldn’t? She had a formal baby shower to go to this past weekend and the dress code was “open” – her favorite kind! She wanted to do something fusion-esque as she knew this would probably be one of the last times this year that she could go all out. She recently fell in love with this dress on and had to have it. Dipti is not the revealing type at all, so as soon as it arrived she figured out how to close that front up! She then added the vest the three of us love to make the look a little more fusion and it was a hit!




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