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Nina’s Already Half Way There


At 20 weeks, Nina feels like this is the first time she is pregnant! She has zero recollection of being pregnant with the girls (as she has our Mommy Vaid’s memory genes). So it is as if she is experiencing all of this for the very first time! Overall, she feels pretty good except that this time around she is experiencing sciatica relatively early (given this usually starts towards the end of pregnancy). Other than that, no real cravings or wants. She’s a pretty boring pregnant person. We are sure Neal does not agree :). She has mentioned plenty of times that this pregnancy is flying by – probably because between the girls and Nylo (and add on the holiday season) she has very little time to think about anything else. Let’s hope that she at least remembers a little bit of this pregnancy because lord knows it is definitely their last!!!! (Side note: She is OBSESSED with these H&M dresses – she literally has bought them in every color and print – they are super soft, flowy, and can be worn with jeans, tights, leggings, or on their own with pumps, boots, etc. – and they are a STEAL at $25 – she is wearing the yellow one above!!!)


The Girls & The Boys & The Pup

Oh man are the girls excited, and the boys for that matter! Every morning and evening Naya kisses Nina’s belly to say hi to the baby. Though Niva is still on the fence about her feelings, she has been very adamant that she is no longer a baby and is now a big sister – and do not try to tell her otherwise or be prepared! The girls have started saying things like “this is for the baby,” or “we need to start doing this because when the baby comes we will need to teach her.” (They only refer to the baby as “her” and “she” – maybe they know something we don’t know!!!). Poor Nylo has no idea what he is in for!!! But the girls are super adoring and give Nylo lots more hugs and kisses to assure him he’s still the first kid – if only the girls could just concentrate long enough to play catch with him for more than 2 minutes! The boys are convinced they’re having a baby brother and are all about telling the universe that their Nina Masi has a baby in her belly – fun stuff – especially when it is to complete strangers and they are not quite sure what to say! Diyu isn’t sure what’s going on but we’re sure he’ll miss the “baby of the family” title – though in our family, no kid holds on to that title for too long!

The Husband

So Neal has his own adjustments going on. The stress levels have certainly gone up at the idea of 3 kids… And Sammy and Sheena do not help by saying “YOU CHOSE TO DO THIS???” Whereas Nina is not that phased by the idea of 3, Neal always thought he was the 2 and done type – and we guess he was until Nina worked her charm :). Needless to say.. Neal will need some advice from all you daddies of 3 or more as to how to deal with all these kids and manage your work life and social life… He feels settled with the ages the girls are in now and cannot believe that they are going to start all over again! Every now and then it hits him that this is really happening and excitement and anxiety take over for those moments! Though we know that secretly he is super excited and cannot wait for another little human that is going to adore him like his girls and pup do!


The Family

Being that this will be grandbaby #7 for mommy and daddy Vaid – it is needless to say that although we are all super excited.. we can sense the exhaustion at the same time! We guess the days of just dropping alllll the kids off and running will soon end.. and we will need to make sure that they have some reinforcement when we drop them off. But we cannot wait to see what Baby #7 has in store for the whole clan!!! 20 more weeks and we will know whether it will be 3 girls and 4 boys OR 2 girls and 5 boys in our ever growing family!!!! What do you all think – are you team boy or team girl?!?

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  1. Krishna & Rupal Vijayanathan says:

    3 girls and 4 boys 🙂

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