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An Anarkali meets A Vest


When a simple hot pink anarkali outfit meets a velvet vest with antique stone work, you can expect jaw drops. That’s exactly what happened with this number. After last week’s post of our indo-western mixup, so many of you asked us what the original outfit looked like for this gorgeous vest. Well here it is. Sheena and Nina (both separately, on different occasions) ended up buying this exact same outfit without the other one knowing. It is just that pretty and unique. We knew once we got our hands on this, the options were just limitless with both pieces!

Sheena has worn her version without the vest and with a statement necklace, that you can see on her instagram page, here. The simpleness of the anarkali makes it versatile in so many ways. We are still loving the elegant floor length anarkalis that have kept their style through the seasons. The details on the vest can be dressed up or down, zipped up or open, depending on the mood. This is sure to be one of our top favs in the closet that we will be wearing to death!





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