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The Kids Wishlist 2016


It feels like Thanksgiving literally just passed! Wait, it did just pass!! Well it’s December 1st and the kids have already begun their chant…”It’s Christmas Month!!!” Our kids are already asking for Christmas presents, making lists for Santa and best of all, circling ALLLL the toys/gadgets they want this year in all the Holiday gift catalogs coming through the mail from Target, Toys R Us and many more!  On one hand, its really cute and on the other hand, do they really think they are getting 50 different toys each this year?!?! Due to the number of kids we collectively have and the large family and friends circle, we have decided to do secret santa in each group (even within the siblings/cousins).

This year we thought it would be fun to share what each of the groups of kids are asking for. It’s interesting to see what Sheena’s boys are asking for vs Nina’s girls. Dipti’s little guy isn’t asking for much yet! But we will share what Dipti has in mind for him this year.


Sheena’s boy have been asking a lot for things they see that other kids their age have or things that kids in school are constantly talking about! Of course, like every year, they want their typical Superhero everything and cars, trucks, airplanes, the usual. Those never get left off the list! This year, they asked for Tims – mainly because Daddy wears them – that was so funny. It is so cute how they try to mimic Daddy now, with tucked in button down shirts when dressed up and Tims when out and about. Here are a few items the three of them listed this year!


  1. Pokemon Pikachu Sunglasses
  2. Speedometer for their bikes
  3. Ultimate Paper Airplanes


  1. UNICEF Kid Power Band – Star Wars Limited Edition Black
  2. Boys’ Batman Hooded Sweatshirt
  3. Pokemon Trading Card Game


  1. Remote Control Drone Airplane
  2. Weighted Keys Digital Piano
  3. Timberland Boots (Kids)


Needless to say, Nina’s girls have a completely different list and MUCH smaller than the boys! Nina is very strict about not overdoing it with gifts every year, so the girls are tame with their lists. She has reinforced cutting down on toys and is trying to push more imaginative play. Here are a few things Naya and Niva have listed…


  1. Shopkins
  2. Ariel Doll
  3. Real Camera


Luckily, D has not yet begun making lists for Santa, so Dipti is able to maintain a little more control over what he gets for Christmas. His youth lends to him being happy with a couple of new toys and some music related items as he is obsessed with everything music! Dipti still gets toys for Diav that are fun but also developmental as he’s in that stage of loving new things to learn.


  1. Color Rings Sorting Board


  1. Etch a sketch Fisher-Price Slim Doodle Pro


  1. Talking Mickey Mouse
  2. Play Phone

What do your kids have on their wishlists?? Anything similar or completely out of the box? We would love to hear about them! Remember our holiday gift guide from 2014?? 

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