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Gold Pleats


We had an amazing Thanksgiving and hope you did as well. We spent a ton of time with family, friends and holed up at home in our PJs all weekend long. We ate our delicious vegetarian meals and indulged in some serious sweets. We are so thankful for our family, friends, health and especially all of our lovely followers. Your encouragement, compliments and feedback is what keeps us going and we so appreciate all of it.

Since the holidays are in full effect, we thought we would shine a “gold” light on an Indo-Western look we are loving! Sheena is all about following the trends and one that she is totally into at the moment is metallic pleated skirts! She loves this gold metallic midi skirt as it is the perfect length, perfect color of gold (not too bright and not too dark) and  it is oh so shiny! She decided to pair it with a top from one of her Indian outfits that has gold beaded work on it to tie it together. The cutouts in the front AND back are so fun as well. You can wear this with or without the shawl depending on the event; either way, it’s a sure fire hit and easy to put together! Not to mention super comfortable! What a fun look for a cocktail party or holiday party this season!






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