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Mommy & Daddy Date Nights


Us mommies and daddies need as many date nights as we can get these days! After having kids, we have understood how important date nights are. Before these little humans came around, every night was a date night now that we reflect back. Nowadays, any time out of the house, without children yelling in our faces and pulling on our legs, is a REAL treat. We are able to have adult conversations without interruptions and just kick back and relax a little. In true RAR tradition, each of us have very different ideas of our perfect date night go-to places and we are sharing them with you all today!



Sheena and Samir have specific date nights that are their go-tos and they absolutely love!! They are fans of low-key dates to fancy dinner dates, depending on the mood.

90 acres – Peapack, NJ

If they have an entire evening and are in no rush to relieve the nanny, they choose the fancy date. They love going up here for a nice dinner, great wine, drinks by the fire and of course a scene. It is so romantic and quiet, it works great for a special dinner. They have unique vegetarian dishes that aren’t the typical pastas and pizzas we usually get, so it makes our taste buds happy. The wine selection is divine and the scene is soothing, dark, chandeliers and quiet chatter.

Ninja Sushi – North Brunswick, NJ

Another date night they love doing is a quick bite at their favorite sushi joint in town and an Indian movie at their local movie theater. The sushi at this place is like no other they have had and now has the entire town and their siblings all hooked on it. Samir has a special menu created in his name with signature rolls that he has created that they order all the time. They use brown rice for them by request and are extra careful that the rolls are completely vegetarian. This is actually Sheena’s version of a perfect date night and Samir indulges her and ends up loving the movie.

Distrito – Moorestown, NJ

In exchange, Sheena accompanies Samir on his favorite date night, which includes dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant in South Jersey plus a sporting event in Philadelphia (if it is happening). Samir is a complete sports junkie and loves watching! If he isn’t attending it, he is most definitely watching it and of course always needs company. Samir is a total foodie, so with any date night, there needs to be delicious food present and that is usually the case. This Mexican restaurant is a favorite mainly because it is not the typical Mexican restaurant menu. It has unique tex-mex style dishes and lots of tapas. They usually end up here for happy hour to “pre-game” before wherever they are going for the night.



Being that there is a baby at home these days, Nina and Neal don’t get out too far from home. With that said, they try to get in a date night whenever they can. Some of their absolute favorite spots for a quick night out are:

Mediterra – Princeton, NJ

Nina and Neal love the farm to table concept at this restaurant. The menu is Mediterranean tappas style and the veggies are seasonal so whenever they get time to go, they are sure to have new dishes on the menu. Nina especially loves this restaurant because they are SO vegetarian friendly. Whenever you request any accommodation,  they jump at the chance to please! Love it. Also they love that it is in the heart of Princeton, one of the most beautiful and historic towns in New Jersey. Princeton’s Palmer’s Square is just around the corner too and it is an especially romantic walk after dinner.

Stage House Tavern – Somerset, NJ

Another favorite for Nina and Neal, especially in the Spring/Summer/Fall is the Stage House Tavern. This is a great, casual, local place to hang out, get a beer, and enjoy some casual food. Usually they will meet up with their besties there, but every time its a great night! The ambiance allows you to really let down your hair and just kick back and enjoy a night off – off of being formal, off of thinking about work, and off of thinking about the kids. Just some local folks enjoying some local food and local company :).

Catherine Lombardi – New Brunswick, NJ

Being in the heart of Neal’s college town, it is really nice to get out for some yummy Italian food at Catherine Lombardi’s in New Brunswick, one of Nina’s favorite cuisines. It has a pretty fancy ambiance, but not so much so that you have to be dolled up to the T. Sometimes, Nina appreciates having to wear something other than her “home clothes” to get out of the house for some adult time. The menu here is mouth watering and the appetizer bread is amazing! It is nice to be in the area as adults who can now enjoy and appreciate this side of the university campus, versus their college day digs :).



Dipti and Sachin rarely use their date nights to go out. After a long week at work for Sach and a busy week at home with the kiddie for Dipti, the both of them are usually begging their parents to take Diav for one night so they can get a good night’s sleep! On that gem of a night, they love to stay home and order in and just relax. When they do go out, they like to go to a few spots that always serve them well.

Due Mari – New Brunswick, NJ

When they want to stay local but do something nice, they usually hit this spot for dinner followed by a show at George Street Playhouse. Though this is a rare occurrence, they love to check out what’s going on in the theater world when they get a chance. Before Diav, they celebrated their anniversaries doing this combo since it was close to home but still a nice night out!

Jaiya Thai – NYC, NY

Dipti and Sach love to visit their friends in the city when they get a chance. The group plans something every few months and it usually ends with Dipti and Sachin leaving before dinner to get Diav home at a good time. But not before they pick up their favorite Thai food! Jaiya Thai has been their favorite Thai place since forever! They have the veggie meat options which the two of them love love!

Americana, East Windsor, NJ

Ah! Their favorite favorite spot. It’s a local diner just down the street from their house but it’s their spot. On mornings where Diav isn’t home, they usually make their way to Americana for a boozy brunch. The food here is amazing and the drinks are even better! The staff here knows them and Diav and it feels like it’s their second home! In true Dipti and Sachin style, they keep it simple with their dates and are pretty loyal to a few certain spots.

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