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Sridevi: A Classic Gone Too Soon

It’s still hard to believe that one of Bollywood’s biggest, sweetest superstars is gone. Sridevi has been an icon to the three of us since we can remember. We have watched all of her movies, danced to pretty much all of her hits and can picture her most classic roles in our minds like we watched her perform them just yesterday. She has been such a huge part of our Bollywood memories growing up – we can still remember the three of us sitting with mom and dad watching Chandni and mom telling 5 year old Dipti that she should dance to Mere Haathon Mein at our next family party. That song and dance has been with our family for so many years, through so many occasions (Dipti even performed it at her wedding at her mom’s insistence) that it almost feels like losing the heroine of that song is a personal loss. Her beauty radiated through every picture she was in, her smile made you smile, and her on-screen comedic timing made you laugh even when you thought you wouldn’t. We were, and still are, so sad to learn about Sridevi’s passing that we felt compelled to take you down memory lane with us, one Sridevi classic at a time. We can truly say that she is an icon that will never be replaced. We will miss you, Sridevi, may your soul rest in peace! Love and prayers to her whole family, love SND.

Do you have any childhood memories linked to Sridevi like we do?

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