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Janam Maternity – The Nursing Blouse We’ve Been Waiting For

Hey moms!! We have something exciting to share with you that we are super pumped about!

If you’re pregnant or recently post-partum, like us you probably dread the idea of getting dressed in Indian clothes. We usually think saris will work since they’re “one size fits all” but as soon as we try that blouse, it’s over. Same goes when we’re nursing/pumping – finding a blouse that fits and is easily accessible for baby is nearly impossible! We’ve recently resorted to wearing crop tops that we can just pull up for nursing since that seems to be the only solution! Well, not anymore! Janam Maternity has answered all of our prayers when it comes to maternity and post-partum Indian clothes! AND they’re giving you a pretty nice discount to get your hands on their amazing line too! Read on for the offer code!

Janam Maternity has created a line of maternity saris and blouses that are perfect for those stuck wearing Indian clothes during pregnancy. The colors and styles are all gorgeous and fit for any occasion. Unfortunately for Dipti, we found this brand a little late for our pregnancies, but thankfully it’s been great for Dipti’s nursing journey! Dipti has been exclusively pumping with Kallan and she’s always had issues finding Indian clothes that allow for fast and easy access. Thankfully Janam Maternity has catered to her every need when it comes to this stage in her life.

Not only do the Janam Maternity saris allow for the bump in their draping – something we didn’t get to experience but love the idea and concept, but they allow for the extra space in the blouse without being oversized in every other part of it. The two blouses that Dipti tried were the Choli Nursing Sari Blouse and the Snap-Up Nursing Sari Blouse.

To start off, the Choli Nursing Blouse is a beautiful design. It is black with white flowers and gold trim. The blouse could literally be worn with almost anything. It has a average to low cut back which is made to fit any under apparel you may need to wear. The blouse has heavy duty front closures that are spaced pretty close together to avoid any stretching and showing of what’s going on underneath (we all know our mom’s sari blouses are NOT as kind…). The best part about this blouse is that is has this stretch pull up elastic band that is completely hidden (I almost missed it myself until I went to nurse and found the gem). The band stretches far enough that it allows you to pull the blouse over your bosom to allow for nursing access. That’s just one benefit of the band! As your belly grows, this band allows the bottom of the blouse to grow with you – making it a long term maternity blouse!


Dipti also tried the Two-Step Sari with the Snap Up Nursing Blouse. This blouse is constructed completely differently than the Choli Nursing Blouse. This Blouse has a back closure (wait, before you think “oh that’s never going to work for a nursing mom,” wait till you see how brilliantly it’s thought out!). The front is where all the magic happens. The front has a panel that snaps to close along the sides and bottom waistband of the blouse. You can unsnap one side to nurse or unsnap the whole thing to pump both sides – genius! The snaps are super tight and heavy duty so that nothing will be coming apart. The blouse is a traditional red with gold work on it and 3/4 sheer sleeves. It’s yet another blouse that was made with versatility in mind.

Dipti got to try both of the saris on as well and was pleasantly surprised that they fit her even though she wasn’t pregnant! They are pre-stitched saris that have elastic waistbands that allow for lots of growing, but also fit when you’re all done being pregnant – the perfect investment!

And it doesn’t even stop there! Janam Maternity also has a Nursing Anarkali Gown for those who don’t want to go down the sari path. This anarkali is everything! The top is similarly constructed as the Snap Up Nursing Blouse in that is lifts up for nursing/pumping access. The gown is soft and comfortable for both mom and baby, and the nursing portion is lined with satin, for baby’s comfort. How can it get any better?

Head over to Janam Maternity to see all the nursing apparel they have in traditional wear. We are so super impressed and ecstatic that this line has made its way into our lives and the lives of our readers!

Janam Maternity is giving all of you 10% off your purchase using the code SND10! So if you’re pregnant yourself or know someone who is, shop now!


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