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Sari Drape – 3 More Unique Ways


We’ve been waiting for the perfect time to share this sequal to our “Wrap Me Pretty” post where we showed 9 different ways to drape one sari. The inspiration for these styles came from several fabulous fashion weeks over the last couple of months.  These looks tend to get away from the traditional drapes and into a more modern, fusion style that work perfectly on and off the runway!  Now that wedding season and Diwali season are over, it’s time to bust out these drapes for those holiday parties – a perfect place to be a little “risque” with the wardrobe!



sari3ways4This drape started off pretty traditional with the initial wrapping (you can check out how to do that in Wrap Me Pretty).  Eventually we got to the “palu” or end of the sari and decided to take it in a different direction.  Instead of draping it over our shoulder, we made a knot in the front to give it more seductive look.  Try this drape with a crop top that contrasts slightly with the sari (don’t go too wild since the drape itself is what you’re really trying to make stand out here)!



sari3ways7To start this style, Nina is wearing printed leggings with a black sequince crop top. This drape is all about the leggings!  We got these leggings from Charlotte Russe (who has a great selection of printed leggings). We wanted to make sure the “popping” color on both, the sari and the leggings, is the same – in this look, the hot pink! We took one end of the sari and pleated it almost half way through and tucked those pleats on the side of Nina’s body. We then took the “palu” or end of the sari and, unpleated, draped it over her shoulder in a “traditional” sense.  The key for this look is to make sure the leggings pop out when you’re taking those sexy strides.



sari3ways10For this drape Sheena is wearing black jeans and a 3/4 quarter sleeve crop top – an outfit on its own!  We added a sari that had a hint of black in it but its main focus is the bold print.  To make this style happen, we took one end of the sari and pleated it and tucked it into left front belly area. We then took the palu, pleated it up, wrapped it around Sheena and pinned it up to her left shoulder.  This look, while hinting at seduction, still keeps it toned down with the dark colors – a perfect drape for an evening out in the City!

Stand out in a crowd and try these drape styles out! Tag us in your pictures at #runwaysandrattles and be sure to share your versions with us!

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