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Our Inspiration – February

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Lately the 3 of us have been all over the place! Sheena recently found out all the allergies her kids have and now has a new focus in life – finding and making appropriate foods that won’t make the kids break out in a reaction! Nina has been going through a “creative” spell – both, in the arts and in the culinary worlds! Dipti has been focused 100% on Bobo – researching everything from labor to Bobo’s first year.  This month we want to share each of our links that we are loving since they are so incredibly different from each other. We hope you enjoy!

Sheena’s Links

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1. Food Babe:

Since having my kids, hubby and I have been very cautious of what we eat. Trying to be as healthy as possible without giving up all the foods that we love. We are even more particular about what goes into our kids’ bodies. We try to stay away from junk food (for as long as we can) and make sure they get balanced meals. After learning about my two kids’ food allergies, I have become even more obsessed with what they are eating. I recently discovered Food Babe – Vani! Her blog is amazing and so insightful of all the “crap” we eat and should avoid. Loving all the information she provides and all that she stands for.

2. Travel Channel –

Someone recently told me that as a new year’s resolution they decided that at least once a year they are going to take a 1-2 week family vacation with the kids and by the time they are older, they would have traveled a decent amount of the US and hopefully the rest of the world. I think that’s such an amazing idea and I am using that as inspiration to start traveling with my hubby and 3 boys! Share your favorite family vacation spots with me as well for more inspiration!

Nina’s Links


1. Laptop Lunches

The Bento Box lunch idea is awesome for helping create variations to your boring every day routines. It definitely gives you great jumping off points. I use it for mine and hubby’s lunches and the kids’ lunches too! It provides for the perfect portions and keeps everyone happy and satisfied! I especially love that they have so many vegetarian menus!

2. Megan Hess

I love Megan Hess’s couture style and all the glam it portrays. I am so inspired by her choice of silhouettes and colors. I am going through a phase of wanting to re-design some of the rooms in my home and Megan Hess’s combinations of colors and styles has me in awe with the European/glam/couture/chic look that I have always loved!

Dipti’s Links


1. Baby Center

This link has been my number one resource for everything pregnancy related. When we first found out about Bobo, Nina told me to sign up for the weekly emails that update you on your progress and your baby’s progress. The scary thing was – it was always right on point! It would tell me that everything that I was going through (swelling feet, headaches, tiredness) was all normal! It was the most comforting e-mail on Monday morning (and I’m a lawyer – I don’t comfort easily)!

2. Raising Baby

I know you must be thinking that it’s my sister’s book so I’m just plugging it. But I have to be honest, Baby Daddy and I begged Nina for a copy of this book as soon as we found out about Bobo. We were told by coworkers, friends, and random strangers not to read “What to Expect..” and similar books because they just freak you out about everything that’s happening to you and what could happen to Baby. I sit down with this pocket guide almost every evening to 1. calm my nerves, and 2. get a glimpse of what is to come – and somehow this book doesn’t make me completely freak out!

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  1. hey just wondering if you guys have ever heard of the you tube channel Whatsupmoms? It’s run by three moms and it has lots of DIY’s , Recipies and tips!

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