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Dipti’s Hospital Bag


The hospital stay after giving birth is a huge mix of emotions. Sheena and Nina quite possibly had every emotion from excited, happy, nervous, uncomfortable, anxious, tired, overwhelmed, and nauseous! There’s the adrenaline rushing, not being able to wait to go home and at the same time the feeling of intense fear to go home without all the nurses waiting on the baby 24 hours a day. Granted we have been in the same hospital through all the 5 kids’ births, every time was as different from the last.

Dipti finally started packing her hospital bag as the big day is just around the corner. Of course she ran the list by her sisters since they might as well be professionals at this point! Sheena and Nina, however, were thoroughly entertained by the list of things Dipti thought were necessary for her hospital stay. Of course, being a first timer at this Dipti was the overcautious and enthusiastic packer. Her expectations of what is going to go down in the hospital were interesting, to say the least. We couldn’t help but share her hospital bag with you along with Sheena and Nina’s edits!






Sheena had a scheduled C section for the twins at 38 weeks so needless to say, there was no water breaking or contractions going on. It was a scheduled time and place to be and everything went as planned. The twins were the very first hospital visit the three of us personally experienced. Sheena’s hospital bag was packed with everything and anything she researched. It had everything you would need for a C-section delivery and a 5 day stay in the hospital. Of what she packed, she only used about 30% of it. First-timers! Here is Sheena’s edit to Dipti’s list…




Nina on the other hand, had an insane experience with her first born, Naya. Her water broke in the middle of her grocery shopping! She dropped everything, rushed to the hospital, and ended up in labor for 22 hours before an emergency C section. Naya was just too high and due to little progress on Nina’s part, the doctor didn’t want to take a chance. Her Vera Bradley hospital bag was obviously packed for a natural delivery and a 2 days stay instead of a C section and 5 day stay. Here is Nina’s edit to Dipti’s list…



As you can see, Dipti’s list is a little over the top! With that being said, it is always expected with a first time mommy. Let’s just say….Thank God for big sisters 🙂 Do you have any edits to these lists that you want to share with Dipti? Share them with us below.

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  1. Binny Patel says:

    hahaha this is hilarious! 🙂

  2. Cute blog! One thing I must add to your list, a handheld personal fan. It was the one invaluable item during my l&d. Labor is hard work, the personal fan really helped me keep cool. And it gave my husband something to do 🙂

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