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Our Favorite Red Lips


With Valentines Day coming up what girl isn’t loving a fire engine red lip? We sure do! Well, Sheena and Dipti do, Nina is more along the lines of a dusky red. As you all know, the three of us have very different taste and we noticed that again when we all decided to showcase our favorite red lipstick. It’s so hard to pair a perfect red lip with our skin tone – but after tons of experimenting and wearing the wrong colors, each of us finally found the right one for us and now have a favorite red lip we can’t do without. We especially love sporting the lip during this time of year when it’s all about the reds and pinks!


Sheena: Lip Liner: Nars – Amazon, Lipstick: Nars – Vesuvio

My Valentines day plans involve a beach, sun and lounging! Yes, Samir and I are going to Mexico. We’re using Bobo as an excuse to go on our own babymoon (no, we are not pregnant, but Dipti’s pregnancy is the perfect excuse)! We need this break before we lose our greatest help (our in-laws) to Bobo! It happens to coincide with Valentines day, so this trip has become a two-for-one deal! We are super excited to get this break! Follow me on Instagram @sheenad29 for updates on what we’re doing in the sun!


Nina: Lipstick: Revlon Colorstay – Backstage #35

Neal and I have nothing major planned for Valentines Day weekend. We are not big into celebrating this holiday in general. We will probably just order in, spend time with the kiddies and catch up on some DVR’d shows :). Ahhhh, 17 years later, this is what makes us happy :). Although, I definitely bought myself a Dyson and told Neal it was an early Valentines Day present to myself :)! Yes, that is the inner Monica Geller in me!!!


Dipti: Lipstick: Nars – Shanghai Express

Our Valentines Day is sort of up in the air… We’re not making any definite plans as Bobo’s arrival is due any day now and can turn everything upside down! We’ll likely end up ordering some food at home and watching a cheesy movie (Baby Daddy’s idea, not mine!) But to us, that’s the perfect way to celebrate our love – simple, easy, and close together :).

We would love to hear what your favorite red lip colors are, be sure to share with us in the comments. We are also loving this red lip tutorial done by H&M, on how to apply a red lip perfectly.

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  1. Ruby woo by Mac looks amazing on everyone

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