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Nina’s Sprinkle Shower Favor – DIY


Over the weekend we threw a small sprinkle shower for Nina, who is expecting her baby in one month! For those that don’t know, a sprinkle shower is a small baby shower that is thrown for the Mommy and baby after the first baby’s baby shower. Nina was adamant that she didn’t want to celebrate in any way at all, and what Nina says, we do the opposite! Actually, Sheena and Dipti, for once, were going to listen to her and just skip a celebration this round. However, her friends were adamant, as Nina is always organizing celebrations for all of them and their pregnancies, that they felt like this was an absolute must. To top it all off, we decided to keep it a SURPRISE for her, and luckily it was just that. She was shocked and overwhelmed all at the same time! It was an awesome reaction!

We reserved a private dining room at a new restaurant in New Brunswick and were able to have an intimate celebration for her. We played a couple of games, ate delicious food and had a ton of laughs. We went light on the decor because the restaurant was so pretty itself. We added a few fresh flower arrangements along the middle of the table and a fun “sprinkle” themed cake (check it out on our Instagram). Keeping with the “sprinkle” theme, our DIY queen, Sheena took to Pinterest for favors. She came across a ton of fun and creative ideas, but fell in love with this one. An ice cream “sprinkle” kit!!! She obviously put her own twists into it and here is a step by step tutorial on the how-to!


Sheena got these chalkboard tags and jute rope from Micheals and these multi-color sticker tags in the $1 section at Target

She gathered the toppings she wanted in her ice-cream sprinkle kit at Target. She bought mini of almost all things and crushed the walnuts and Oreos.


She got these mini zip-lock bags at their store (Nina Jewelers) but you can also find them at Micheals or any craft store. She put the different toppings into the small baggies and wrote out each topping on the colorful tags with a sharpie. She tagged all the baggies accordingly.



She got JOY sugar cones and waffle bowls from ShopRite. Packed in these cute clear bags that she again picked up in the $1 section at Target. She put three cones and three bowls in each package.


She got these fun and vibrant ice-cream scoops at Ikea. She added the tag to each scoop with the jute rope.


She picked up these funky, patterned photo boxes at Micheals.


She packaged all of the above inside the box and fitted white wrapping tissue in the open spaces. She topped the contents with some gold wrapping tissue and topped it off with a thank you note to all the guests.


Would love to hear your thoughts on this DIY favor!



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