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SND Described in 5 Words


We recently came upon this personality test that had us all in a tizzy! Five words that describe us perfectly… 5 is a lot and not enough! Sheena could barely come up with 3 let alone 5 while Dipti couldn’t nail it down to only 5. It was so fun to think about and talk to each other about to see how the other 2 reacted! How would you describe yourself in 5 words??



Sheena took to her hubby to see what he thought describes her in 5 words. She thought he did a great job at picking out exactly what she couldn’t find the words to. Needless to say, she had to ask him to throw some positives in the mix of ALL the negatives he was listing, ugh! The 5 words that he and she picked together are, “tough,” “realistic,” “stubborn,” “friendly,” and “micro-manager.”

As you have seen on Sheena’s instragram, she is one tough cookie, physically. She can climb ropes, life heavy weights and stand on her hands. Emotionally, she is on the tougher side, as she isn’t much of a crier, but when it comes to the kids and anything hard they have to go through, she turns into the biggest softie! It is always a fine line. Sheena is also very realistic in her exceptions and goals. Unlike Nina and Dipti, who are dreamers, Sheena has her screws on tight 🙂 She likes to put things in perspective and see what is realistic in most situations. Not saying that she doesn’t have those big dreams once in a while, but then she always has hubby on the back burner bringing her back to reality and she regroups and comes back. It has been a gradual change over the years.

Stubborn! I think that is a general Vaid trait. This descriptive word was the first one her hubby spit out about her. She always thinks she’s right, wants what she wants and never takes no for an answer. Needless to say, the boys are always testing this trait. It is quite frustrating 🙂 Sheena loves meeting new people, however, on her own terms. She is nice and polite to whomever she meets and always tries to make conversation with anyone that tries. She is not a huge fan of small talk, but real conversations are what she likes to do.

Last, but not least, she is a complete and total micro-manager. EVERYTHING she sets her mind to doing must be done perfectly. Therefore, she never lets anyone help her with her creative projects. She likes things done perfectly so it is hard for her to let go of control and let others help. Even if she does, she is always on their shoulders watching over. Now that the twins have monthly projects in school, she finds herself micro-managing them while they work. The boys also did a painting class recently and she was having so much anxiety because they weren’t painting inside the lines, she grabbed the brush and noticed herself taking over. It is her least favorite quality about her. She is working on “letting go” a little to let them explore their creative side.



Nina feels that her 5 words are pretty accurate and consistent: “perfectionist,” “creative,” “dreamer,” “non-conformist” and “altruistic.”

She likes to use the term perfectionist to make her OCD tendencies seem a little less like an issue. When describing Nina as a perfectionist, it is not an understatement. She will do things a million times, which includes buying and returning anything that is not “perfect” until the look is just right. She folds her laundry to the T every load and will move things around the kitchen until they flow just right (Neal gets crazy about this). We all call her psycho but she says it’s because she is a perfectionist. UH-HUH! She definitely has a huge creative bug in her and cannot sit still when it comes to thinking outside the box – she is always thinking of ways to do things differently, and now with her girls she hopes they will let her take her liberties in teaching them her tricks! Her dreamer side has always been there ever since Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol fell in love in Baazigar! She is, shall we say, obsessed with them and anything they do, say, deliver on screen. Needless to say for her and Neal’s first dance at their reception, they did the ‘gazebo scene‘ in KKHH – minus the rain and running away of course. She is a complete hopeless romantic and cannot help herself when it comes to love 🙂 – yes she is still trying to get Neal to sing her a song, while riding a bike and have someone throw flower petals on them (like in Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai – from Rab ne Bana Di Jodi) – nutjob.

She is a true non-conformist. She is the last of us always, if ever, to jump on any bandwagon. She likes to do what she likes to do, whether anyone else thinks its a good idea or not (some might call this stubborn). Trends are not her thing, but she likes to think that she sets trends years before they happen (like her claim that she wore black nail polish in her high school graduation portrait in 1999 – and now that’s trendy :P). Lastly, she describes herself as altruistic. She loves doing things for others gratification, which makes sense that she chose to be a pediatric nurse practitioner! She is always looking to make everyone else feel happy or lend a helping hand, even if she has zero energy to do it. She will go above and beyond if someone asks her for help, and even if they don’t. We think she gets this characteristic from Mommy Vaid who is the epitome of this word!



Dipti had the most trouble with this one since she thinks her descriptive words change on the regular! This month her 5 words would be very different than what her 5 words would have been 2 years ago! She asked hubby out of curiosity and he picked 5 words that pretty much described her round the clock – maybe one of her descriptions should have been “not self aware!” Dipti’s 5 words to describe herself (as of today) are “emotional,” “indecisive,” “impulsive,” “attached” and [reluctantly but because it’s true] “dramatic.”

Emotional is probably an understatement when it comes to Dipti. She is sensitive about everything – what people think of her, her friends, her family, and mostly her baby. She takes everything anyone says to heart but her only way to deal is with complete silence (imagine how hubby deals in a fight!). She finds it impossible to come up with words when she gets emotional – whether it’s upset or super happy, so you never know what this girl is thinking. She is also incredibly indecisive – she can’t make a decision for the life of her! She is always asking everyone their opinions and then gets super overwhelmed when she has too many opinions and still can’t decide! Tough life!

She considers herself impulsive because those few times when she does make decisions, they’ll be spur of the moment without thinking about it at all. She usually quickly regrets those decisions but they happen and they make her life a little more exciting, she thinks! When it comes to family and her closest friends she is crazy attached, to the point where she gets super emotional about anything that happens with them. For example, she goes through a whole big crying saga every time Sach has to travel for work because she can’t function without him emotionally or physically in the house. She is also very very attached to her two sisters and parents – and when it comes to D – poor thing can’t catch a break from her. Initially she wanted to use the word “smothering” to describe how she is with her fam but thought attached would be more appropriate.

Oh her dramatics! There is really not much to say about her dramatic nature as the word perfectly describes it. She is dramatic about every aspect of her life! It isn’t the drama that causes issues, it’s the drama that makes everyone laugh at her (imagine how the emotional girl takes that!). She can’t help herself but it is what it is!

Dipti wanted to play this with hubby too and it was interesting to see what they came up with! Her 5 words for Sach were “rational,” “calm,” “introverted,” “loyal” and [super super super] “sarcastic.” Funny how the two of them are somehow compatible!!!

We’re so curious how you guys did with this test! Share your 5 words with us!

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