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Nina’s Fitness Journey – Starts NOW!


After having Niva, Nina was determined to get back in shape quick because Sheena and Sammy had also planned their big ten year vow renewal in Turks, so obviously she wanted to be in semi-shape by then! Well, when she went on her fitness journey that time, Niva was 8 months old and Nina felt like she was in a good spot to start up. She gave up bread and pasta (as being vegetarian – that seems to be the majority of her consumption) and started up with a trainer. She pursued that regimen for 5 months and felt pretty good by the time the trip came around.

Well let’s just say that this time around Nina is feeling the struggle a little more. She is 3.5 years older and knows it will take a little more dedication than last time to get in shape. This time she also knows that she is done having kids, so the motivation to get mean and lean is there! OH and let’s add in the ultimate goal date: Nina and Neal’s 10 year anniversary is in May!!!! So now that Nesa is 8 months old and Nina is ready to get moving – literally.


So what is her game plan this time? She joined a gym 5 weeks ago that has a ton of classes – her ultimate favorite thing to do at the gym. She is a class junkie because she says that seeing people around her doing the steps keeps her motivated to push a little harder – rather than trying to work out alone. She also got a trainer. Let’s say that the first trainer was not a “good fit” so she immediately asked for someone else and loves her new trainer. (DEF shop around for trainers as they are not all the same).


The Plan:

  • Diet: Nina is going to give up bread and pasta again and really utilize portion control. She was eating a lot up until now because she was nursing Nesa, but now that she is done with that, she can really focus on her diet. Since she doesn’t mind eating the same exact thing every day – her 4 meals will be:
    • Breakfast: scrambled eggs+baked beans+coffee/tea
    • Post Gym: protein shake (she has never had these before but they come highly recommended – she is trying – Garden of Life – Raw Organic Meal – Chocolate Flavor from Whole Foods)
    • Lunch: Salad with chopped veggies, veggie burger and avocado
    • Snack: 1 cup yogurt and fruit
    • Dinner: 2 roti, curry, rice, dal (she claims she cannot give up ALL her carbs)
    • Dessert: 1 chocolate finger (her weakness – CHOCOLATE)
  • Exercise: 4 times a week:
    • 2 training sessions – 30 minutes each + 3-5 minutes on Jacob’s Ladder (most intense machine ever!)
    • 2 classes – TRX / Barre / Knockout / Blast / Power etc – she used to love Zumba – but at the gym she is at she has not found a great instructor for that class – and an instructor makes or breaks it for her
  • Goals:
    • Hit target weight: 115lbs by May 4th
    • Be able to do 10 minutes on Jacob’s Ladder by Feb 28th
    • Be able to do 10 mountain peaks on TRX bands by March 15

Okay – so there you have it. Nina’s full plan to get in shape by MAY 4th, 2017!!!! If you have any tips for her – PLEASE reach out to her at or leave us a comment! You know how much we value your insights! HAPPY 2017!!!!!

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  1. Good luck! I’m on the same journey as my baby is 11 months old. I’m still nursing though so it will be a little more challenging.

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