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It’s Sweater Weather – Finally!


One thing the three of us definitely have in common is that we love a little chill in the weather, therefore Fall is our absolute favorite season of the year. For most, cold means limited fashion choices – how many jeans and sweaters can one possibly own?! Well, time to step it up a notch and mix and match your favorite items in that wardrobe! Dipti had bought an Indian outfit with this rather fusion looking skirt and has loved it forever! She quickly realized that it would work with both, Indian and American if she just threw a sweater on top! This outfit is so perfect for a casual hang out or if you’re out and about in cool weather – it adds a little oomph to what would otherwise be a average cold weather look. You can even do this look with your favorite maxi dresses from the spring and summer. Throw on some boots/ booties, a scarf or necklace and you are ready to go!




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