Vegetarianism – Nina’s Conflict

SND kids pic

The three of us were brought up vegetarian our whole lives. In part due to religious beliefs of our parents and because of Mommy Vaid’s preference. We were asked all the time why we were vegetarian – and it literally would come down to the fact that this is how we have been raised and been taught by our parents. When we were young, there was not as much variety for vegetarians – it was either Indian food or Chinese/Italian take-out. Mommy Vaid was definitely nervous about our diet restrictions when we left for college, as we wouldn’t have the conveniences of home cooked food. By the time Sheena and Nina started college – the variety of vegetarian options had multiplied like crazy and they never felt the need to have to eat meat. And when Dipti went to college it was even more so – with society actually promoting vegetarianism. Lucky for us :).


Needless to say – Dipti and Sheena married vegetarians, so for them there has never been a question of change in lifestyle. However, Nina’s Neal and his family do eat meat and actually the Vaid family has gotten used to it being around. Obviously he is mindful of when he eats meat when our family is around, but no one really minds that he does. That brings us to Nina. Being that the two of them have been together for a very long time, it never really bothered her since Neal would rarely eat meat when they went out together, as it was easier to share meals that way too. But as time went on, they got married and had kids – he has asked whether or not the girls will be “allowed” to eat meat. For Nina’s family, Neal would like the girls to eat meat. Nina feels that when the kids are a little older – they can make a choice of whether or not they like it and want to eat it (except beef that is – that’s where Nina said definitely not – out of respect to our religion/sacred cow). She has also pondered the idea that if her whole family eventually eats meat, she might try it too – that is definitely a huge MIGHT. Mommy Vaid is struggling with this a little bit – but she understands where Nina is coming from – but still insists that there is no reason for them to start eating meat as there is an abundance of vegetarian options these days. So for now, their home remains meat-free and the only time Neal eats meat at home is for BBQs in the backyard for which they use the outdoor fridge or when they dine out.

Have you or anyone in your family had this struggle/decision/change in lifestyle? How did you make the transition? Was it hard? Did your body adjust? Did your family adjust? Anyone go the other way from eating meat to becoming vegetarian?! Lots of questions!!!! Please share your experiences with us @runwaysandrattles!