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Earring as Jhumer


We are SO excited about the warm weather inching its way back into our lives. With all the snow days that have piled up with the kids, we were all getting cabin fever! We are ready to step outside and enjoy some fresh air. This warmth also reminds us that wedding season is around the corner and it is time for us to start getting creative.

We have always been obsessed with the jhumar that is worn on the side of the head as a stunning headpiece. Nina wore it during her sangeet event during her own wedding and it looked stunning! Being from a family of jewelers we always browse the accessory sections of stores to see what the new styles are. During one of Nina’s browsing sessions, she saw these gorgeous chandelier earrings and instantly (in true Nina style) starting thinking about how to wear this other than on her ears. That is how this happened…


She simply hung the earrings from its U hook into her hair and secured it with a small bobby pin. It takes a little playing around to find the exact location in the hair to hang it perfectly. You can also add a little clear nail polish under the earring to secure it to your forehead.



Give it a try with an earring you may already have in your jewelry drawer and see how it renews your look. Be sure to tag us on Twitter or Instagram @runwaysandrattles or #runwaysandrattles. Have fun!

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