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Kids’ Birthday Parties!


Sheena’s twins are 5 today!!! The phrase, “time flies” is so relevant when it comes to kids. It seems like just yesterday that our first borns came into this world, and now here they are, 5 years old! Time sure does fly and it amazes us to see how the kids are growing and developing in their own unique ways.

Every year it seems that the birthday parties are a project of their own. The venue, the theme, the invite list, the food, the entertainment, the favors, etc etc., the list seems endless. The first birthday is usually a big to-do and then with experience and the kids’ input the scale gets smaller and smaller. It went from a huge celebration with Sheena and Samir’s friends and their kids as the invitees down to just inviting the boys’ school and neighborhood friends. With the smaller scale parties it gives the kids a chance to interact with their friends as mini-adults!

So this year, for Shaan & Shailin’s milestone 5th birthday, they wanted to have a roller skating party with all of their buddies! We chose Woodbridge Roller Rink, as it is a large enough venue and extremely accommodating to birthday parties for kids. Many of the kids that attended were trying roller skating for the first time, and since parents were able to go in the rink to assist their kids it was the perfect activity for every age! Here is a small glimpse into the party. We have also listed a few indoor and outdoor birthday party ideas in the Central Jersey area that we have experienced and LOVED!




Indoor Birthday Parties (Central New Jersey):
Outdoor Birthday Parties (Central New Jersey):

We would love to hear your favorite birthday party spots and ideas as well. Fill us in as we’ll be doing these parties frequently between all of the kids and all over again for Diav!

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