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Godee Giveaway!

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Diav’s arrival has been an amazing time for our family and friends. Everyone has been so excited to hold him and coddle him and just spoil him rotten – even at just 10 days old he has everyone wrapped around his little finger! Dipti and Sachin were nervous about their nieces and nephews coming over and holding Diav, which they’ve been dying to do. Luckily, they were introduced to the godee by MeLuvKush. The “godee” is a carrier that provides protection for your baby while family and friends hold him.

We are excited to share an exclusive interview with the creators and founders of MeLuvKush below. And as a gift to our followers, MeLuvKush will be giving away a godee to one lucky winner! See details below on how to enter the giveaway!


Tell us a little about the formation of MeLuvKush. What does the name mean to you? What was the inspiration behind forming the company? 

MeLuvKush was a created by three moms who collectively have 7 kids and love all things baby related. A large part of why we created MeLuvKush is dedicated to two generations – our mothers who passed on a tradition to us and to their grandchildren. We strongly feel that who we are as moms reflects how our moms raised us. And like many other moms out there, we want the best of those traditions. Our moms inspired us to pass on their secrets to others and the story of MeLuvKush began.  The name MeLuvKush is a play on words.  In Hindi, Kush means happiness and when translated into ‘child speak’, MeLuvKush translates to ‘I Love Happiness’. (imagine cookie monster saying those words!!)  Also, in Hindu mythology Luv and Kush are the twin sons of Lord Rama.  The name rests in happiness, children, and our South Asian roots.

Who is the MeLuvKush team made up of? What is each person’s role?

We’re 3 friends with a vision and had to figure out how to produce this product from scratch. We created a prototype ourselves and had to find the right people to make our vision a reality. One of us actually hand drew all of our designs. We all had input in each step, especially because we are all particular about colors, and the quality of the fabrics used.  Today we all have our own responsibilities. From day-to-day operations, to brainstorming our next products, to marketing our product…all of us are very hands on and learning more and more each day.

What is the Godee?

The Godee is the first product that we created. The Godee was adapted from the traditional Indian word “godhi” meaning – in your lap. The Godee holds your baby and provides a safe and comfortable surrounding. They are handmade with ultra soft cotton lined with polyfill and measures 18×30 inches and perfect for newborns up to 6 months of age (weight 5-12 lbs). You can use the Godee to hold, pass, nurse, and bond with your newborn. The Godee is so versatile it also makes a great changing pad.

Who is the utility designer of the Godee? What were some thoughts behind the design? 

The Godee was designed by all three of us. It’s funny that you ask us this because when we had our kids—our moms made us a godri for our kids (imagine a pillow top for the baby). And all of us used that godri to hold the baby and when people came over we would place the baby on the godri and into one’s lap. We modified that to help enclose the baby and help it keep safe and warm while helping others feel more comfortable holding a newborn in it.


What kind of care is required in maintaining the Godee?

The Godee is super easy to take care of. The inside is hand stitched and the exterior of the Godee is made of 100% cotton colored with eco-friendly dyes..  Machine wash cold, do not bleach, line dry, and pre washing before first use is recommended.

What are some future goals for MeLuvKush? Are you looking to expand into other products?

We are definitely looking to expand our company and product offering.  We hope to introduce new colors and designs and sizes, as well as different types of products available through our site and select baby boutiques.  Our children constantly inspire us and we strive to create products we would want them to use.

Where can one purchase the Godee?

The Godee can be purchased at our online retail site:


To enter this giveaway of a Godee:

1) Tag 2 friends on our Instagram post of the giveaway at @Sheenad29, @Ninav33, @TheRealDipti, @meluvkush;

2) Share the MeLuvKush Giveaway post on Runways and Rattles Facebook page, Me Luv Kush page;

3) Comment on the giveaway post below!

This giveaway expires on March 12, 2015 at 11:59pm so make sure to get your entries to us soon!!

17 Comments on “Godee Giveaway!

  1. RunwaysAndRattles says:

    Thank you ALL so much for participating in this amazing giveaway! This is truly a product every mommy should own! You can purchase this product directly at and leave your reviews here for us on what you think of it! We are huge fans and hope you are too! Congratulations to the big winner! Do share your pics of using it with us!

  2. This looks awesome! I hv been looking at thick wear for the baby, especially in the hospital when it is always so cold.. N for some reason, baby is scantily dressed! I m due in sept and wld love to hv this. My first baby was so cold she cried a lot in the hospital. Thanks for the give away!

  3. Kim Heintz says:

    This is so adorable! I would love this for a friend who is expecting soon. Or maybe I could just hoard it in case I have another 😉

  4. Heather Wilson says:

    That looks awesome! I haven’t seen this product before, so it was great to read a review first!

  5. What a great product,thanks for letting us know about it!!

  6. disqus_G6HTJq8BxN says:

    What a wonderful idea! Love the cool prints. I would love to get one. My little munchkin is due in August. Not sure why my info is not coming up ? My comment is posting under

  7. What a wonderful idea! Love the cool prints. I would love to get one. My little munchkin is due in August.

  8. Smita Panjwani says:

    Luv it! I’m due in September with my third child and ive always had a traditional holder that my mom made for my kids. I would truly get great use out of a MeLuvKush!

  9. Marlene V says:

    shared on Facebook (Enelram L.)

  10. melissafowers says:

    this is adorable

  11. Would love one of these for my future children!

  12. Dagmar Moretti says:

    what if i dont have a facebook :((

    1. Dipti Vaid Dedhia says:

      Your comment here enrolls you in the Giveaway!

      1. Dagmar Moretti says:

        awesome thank you so much!

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