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Dipti’s Pregnancy Diaries – 23 Weeks


When: Month 5


I guess I’m having a “be careful what you wish for” moment in that Bobo hasn’t stopped kicking since we lasted updated you all! He kicks all day long – maybe he’s preparing me for when he’s here – who knows?! He’s now the size of a spaghetti squash according to my latest Baby Center e-mail (those emails make me very hungry by the way)! We also had our 20 week scan earlier this month and he was flaunting his package the whole time – weird child! But my OB said he’s doing really well and growing as expected! Can’t wait to meet this little punk!



This month has been a lot like the last except with a lot more belly! I’m starting to have a little waddle – not because of the size, but because my feet hurt so much due to the extra weight! My whole teen/adult life my weight range stayed within the same 10 pounds and now that I’ve surpassed that point it feels like my feet are just not understanding! It’s painful towards the end of the day when my ankles swell up but I do have the MOST amazing husband and baby daddy in the world because he’s always willing to massage them back to normal. I’ve also had to stop wearing my engagement ring due to my fingers swelling up which was a sad sad moment. But I’m blessed (or cursed) with best friends who are doctors and pharmacists and they’ve strictly forbidden that I wear my rings anymore (though I still get away with my wedding band which they’ll have to rip off me)!  I’ve also started to experience what the internet calls a “nesting instinct” – my need to start prepping the house for Bobo’s arrival. Poor Baby Daddy’s getting the short end of the stick there since I can’t pick up furniture – he’s been putting Ikea sets together all month!


Apart from my nagging to get the house ready for Bobo, Baby Daddy got a little shock to the system when Sheena and Nina started dropping hand me downs to our house. We have a dining room full of stuff from them: three ghoriyus, clothes that range in age from newborn to 3T, and everything in between. The sisters are just happy to start emptying their houses with stuff they saved for me! Mom, Dad and the in-laws are still trying to add more people to the invite list for the baby shower (298 invited – can you believe that?!).



I wore my first maternity dress and leggings this month and I have to say, it was glorious!! I absolutely refused to do this for a long time but now I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back! Nina gave me this amazing maternity dress from the Gap (similar one here) and I think I’m going to buy 10 more of them! I also got maternity leggings from Mother Maternity and they are so spacious and forgiving – I just love them!! I also attended Garba this year and had to get dressed up for Diwali so my Indian wardrobe had to make adjustments. For Garba I did the look we shared in our pregnancy garba styles with the kurti top and traditional skirt and chundri. For Diwali I wore a empire waist, long anarkali that was loose around the belly and still comfy and flowy. The fashion experimenting has been fun and stressful but I imagine it’ll only get more interesting. Ok, Bobo’s kicking my butt right now – gotta sign off and walk around! Till next month – Ciao!


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