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Dhoti Style Sari


It’s no secret that we love to experiment with our Indian clothes (especially when it comes to sari draping). Lately we have been trying to come up with some unique ways to drape a sari. You guys remember our “wrap me pretty” post – in which we showed 9 mostly traditional ways to drape a sari. Today we want to add this amazing drape style to our list! It’s called the “Dhoti Style Drape” – mainly named due to the bottom of the sari being draping like a mens dhoti. We had first seen it done by a few designers in this year’s fashion weeks. Then Sonam Kapoor (and you know we love her style) sported it at an event she went to. Then finally, we came across a quick tutorial done by Miss Malini on her blog and thought to try it out. This is our version and we are loving it!  When trying it yourself make sure you use a fabric that is flowy and easily malleable and make sure to have several safety pins handy (we’re not going to pretend that we didn’t have to pin this look is several places to keep it together)!





4 Comments on “Dhoti Style Sari

  1. video tutorial please!!

    1. Hi Pri! The video tutorial is in the post done by Ms. Malini! It’s super easy!

    2. RunwaysAndRattles says:

      Hi Pri. The original video tutorial is on Miss Malini’s site which we included the link for in the post. Best of luck and do show us how it turns out!

  2. Very nice dhoti sari wrap post.

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