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DIY Diwali Cookies


As we mentioned earlier, Mommy Vaid decided that this year she wanted to get creative with the gifts she gave out to our fellow local vendors on and around Oak Tree Road in Iselin, NJ.  Last year we had made these amazing chocolate flowers and this year she wanted to do something similar.  Growing up our Granny used to make these delicious sugar cookies that the entire family would die over and we wanted to create something similar to share with our special vendors. Nina found a very similar recipe for this year’s Diwali cookies and they came out almost the same! Using some Diwali inspired cookie cutters and some creative embelishments, we made this platter of cookies and kisses for our dearest vendors and close family and friends.  Check out the process below!

diwalicookies2Prepare all your essentials for this fun project. The recipe we used for the cookie dough is one of the best ones we have tried so far! After prepping the dough as instructed, we got to work with cookie cutters. We used a tear drop shape one that we had laying around and Sheena bought this great diya shaped cookie cutter on etsy. (Use this coupon code for a special discount on this awesome cookie cutter: DIWALI2014)

diwalicookies3After baking them as instructed in the recipe, be sure to lay them out to harden completely before packing them away.

diwalicookies4Pack them in air tight containers or foil trays with foil wrapped tight.

diwalicookies5For the cookie icing, we used the Wilton Cookie Icing. Shockingly, you only need a small amount on the cookie and it spreads all over with great pigment. We spread it with our finger (be sure to wash your hands before doing this) so the spread came out nice and even on the cookie. We did the base of the diya’s red and green and the flames yellow.

diwalicookies8For the decoration, we made Royal Icing, and poured it into icing bags. Using a #2 tip from Micheals, we created the “mendhi” inspired design on the diya cookies.

diwalicookies6On the tear drop shaped cookies, we used edible markers to create the “mendhi” inspired design. Once they were all dried and ready to eat, we created a nice display as pictured above and were ready to go!

Hope you enjoyed our last Diwali DIY project. If you make these cookies or anything similar at home, tag us at #runwaysandrattles to show off your hard work!

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  1. This is awesome thanks will try it next year !

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