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Dipti’s Pregnancy Diaries – 27 Weeks


When: Month 6


Bobo weighs as much as a head of cabbage!! I don’t know about you all, but that is some significant weight! I’m sure like many others in my place, I have been super self-conscious about all the weight I’ve been gaining – but to hear that Bobo is growing and gaining weight just makes it all worth it! His kicks are also strengthening which is a little weird. I can see him kick through my tummy! Baby Daddy saw that the other day and wasn’t too thrilled at how weird it is but I secretly think he loved that Bobo was trying to say hi to his daddy!



Of course the weight gain has been a struggle but again, I keep telling myself that I’m trying to grow a fat little person inside me and so it makes it worth it. I have also started to feel a little itchy around the belly area due to my skin stretching out and lucky for me, Sheena and Nina tell me it’s only the beginning of that! I try to douse myself in Bio Oil in the morning and sometimes throughout the day I’ll apply a little lotion to keep it moisturized but it’s pretty annoying! I also had my first prenatal massage this month thanks to the world’s best baby daddy! We had our “babymoon” at a resort in the Poconos and it was SO amazing and relaxing. The prenatal massage helped alleviate some of that lower back pain and those achy feet of mine! I finally succumbed to the fact that my rings don’t fit and those are now locked away until post pregnancy.


Now that the baby shower is a few days away, the family has been all about that! Sheena is of course working herself into oblivion hand making all the centerpieces and other décor. Nina, in true fashion, wants to come up with games that are super unique and no one has done before. Mom and Momma D are busy planning the Indian ceremony which somehow is turning into a bigger event than planned! And Baby Daddy is taking it all in! He’s also super busy trying to get through boxes of stuff that have been arriving at home thanks to our amazing family and friends who are showering us with the best gifts ever! Sheena’s and Nina’s little tots are as impatient as ever and can’t stop asking when Bobo is coming out of my belly – I’m pretty sure they don’t get it 🙂 But they are already so sweet to Bobo – they say prayers to him every time they see him and give him kisses to tell him they love him!



I haven’t gotten out of these maternity leggings to be honest. I got 2 more pairs and basically rotate them throughout the week! This month I had to figure out what I was wearing to the baby shower and it was NOT pleasant. For the Indian ceremony I have to wear a sari which I have been against doing this entire pregnancy and remain against until the end. However, tradition calls and Mom and Momma D are insisting I wear my wedding sari so, I do what I’m told. For the shower itself, I have been through about 48904820 dresses, 2 of which I have bought and for one I am trying to have a custom cape made for. It has been an emotional roller coaster seeing my body not fit into anything I like and having my friends and family tell me I look good in everything (when I know those are only comforting words)! But I think I finally settled on something and we’ll definitely be sharing those pictures with you all in the upcoming weeks!

Stay tuned for our Babyshower looks and party pictures coming soon to the blog. Can’t wait to share my third trimester with you all! xoxo

4 Comments on “Dipti’s Pregnancy Diaries – 27 Weeks

  1. I’m 32 weeks and totally feel you with the maternity leggings! I’m wearing those and these cropped jeans (3 diff colors) from motherhood that I love too that pair so well with flats. Also I’m impressed you can still wear your wedding sari blouse!! I can’t fit into mine at all! I wouldn’t even dare try it after the way my boobs have doubled in size loll ! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and congrats!

    1. Dipti Vaid Dedhia says:

      Ooh! I might have to check those jeans out! And I so can NOT fit into my wedding blouse! Usually when we get blouses made my mom will get one in her size too so we can all wear the same sari so I’ll be borrowing her blouse for the ceremony! Thanks so much for the well wishes and good luck/ congrats to you too!! Xoxo

  2. =) I’m 26 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy and this time around I bought 6 pairs of gap maternity leggings in the beginning. I’ve learned that’s the ONLY thing I’m comfortable in!

    1. Dipti Vaid Dedhia says:

      I completely agree Sonia! I secretly might wear them post pregnancy too – but don’t tell anyone 😉

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