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Necklace to Backlace


There’s something super seductive about backless tops that aren’t super revealing but just enough that it adds to a little something to your look.  This top is one of those! Nina recently wore this top to a casual house party on top of jeans and it was a hit.  But what was more of a hit was the necklace she added to it.  Sure long necklaces with a blingy pendent look great on almost everything, but in this look, she switched it up (literally).  She wore the necklace backward so that the pendant hung down her bare back and boy, was everyone LOVING it.  It’s a simple change up that you can add to American or Indian clothes that have somewhat of a bare back. It adds such glam and of course, we love it for that very reason! Make sure the necklace you use doesn’t have a huge lock in the front of your neck – and if it does, try placing the lock so that it’s on the side of your neck where your hair falls to cover it up.




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