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Dipti’s Baby Shower – the Indian Ceremony


In our families, when celebrating the arrival of a baby, we traditionally have an Indian ceremony and then a Western style baby shower party. The Indian ceremony consists of a religious ceremony called “Khoro Bharvano” in which the mother-to-be is blessed by the women of the household. During this occasion, the women fill the mother-to-be’s lap with various gifts and fruits as a sign of joy and happiness in the upcoming journey of the new parents.  Sheena and Dipti, being married into the same family, had to follow some traditions from the inlaws’ side while Nina got to keep it a little more modern.  Check out our individual styles below!

Sheena wore our Mommy Vaid’s gharchola for this ceremony. As we showed you, she had her original sari re-done into a more modern gharchola, but she wanted a traditional look for this so she opted for this one. Bhandani work is the traditional design for these ceremonies is typically worn by the family. She draped her sari in the gujarati style.




Nina chose a more vibrant color and something more modern. She paired a full net sari with a fancy, shiny chaniyo (under skirt) and added a stone belt to pull it together. You may recognize this belt from this look too! Since the bhandani gharchola is a Kutchi tradition (the culture Sheena and Dipti married into) Nina was able to skip wearing hers. She also draped it gujarati style.




Dipti, our mommy-to-be, was in her wedding gharchola sari that her mother in law gave her during her wedding ceremony. Of course she didn’t put it on without a fight as you’ll read in her next Pregnancy Diary entry. It is the first time she wore it after the wedding, so it brought back a lot of sentiments and great memories. Of course the blouse from her wedding didn’t come close to fitting her, but Mommy Vaid to the rescue again – she had a blouse made in her size for this very reason – when Dipti would have to wear her garchola again for her baby shower! Always thinking ahead! Dipti also draped it gujarati style as the ceremony required her using her palu in front of her to hold the gifts and fruits.




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