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Where have you been, SND?

It’s been the question posed to us these last few weeks and we’re totally due for an answer. We’ve been prepping to welcome you to the brand new and improved blog, formerly known as Runways and Rattles, now called love, SND!

First lets start with where we were these past few months. All three of us had a whirlwind of a Summer which leaked into the Fall that we barely even saw each other!

Sheena and Samir decided that it was time to move out of their house of 11 years and spent the Summer packing up an entire decade worth of stuff and memories. They are currently building a new home in a new town that they are busy getting to know. It has been an emotional time for them all as they moved out of their house and moved in with our mom for a few months while their new house gets ready. Living with mom means you spend every free minute learning all you can from her – cooking, organizing, listening to her words of wisdom, etc. That chance doesn’t come often so Sheena took full advantage of her time at home. Now that they’re out of her childhood home, she’s finally got her work (and workout) schedule back on track!!

Nina’s Summer was filled with organizing herself for the Fall to come. With three girls all going to different schools Nina spent most of the Summer wrapping her head around schedules and book bags and lunch boxes with lunch ideas. Her and Neal also decided to sell their house and move out of their current town (yes, lots of moving going on in this family)! They are also building new so between blue prints and door handle colors, Nina has had quite the full plate!

Dipti’s last few months have been consumed by her newborn (now not so newborn), Kallan. We had a rough start with Kal as Dipti and Sachin learned slowly what was causing him to be so upset. They went through doctors, allergists, feeding specialists, pediatric dentists, you name it – they saw it. Finally they met the right person and embarked on a “training” that lasted up until a few weeks ago. They’ve finally found a good rhythm between all 4 of them, so Dipti is back from being MIA and ready for some blogging action! Her post on Kallan’s first few months is coming soon so be sure to tune in!

Why “love, SND?”

We started with Runways and Rattles 3 years ago when we had little to no idea where this blog was going to take us. We knew that we wanted to share our ideas about South Asian fashion as we all love Indian clothes and all have such different taste. We also wanted to talk about how we’re raising our kids to learn and appreciate our culture, in hopes that our readers would find the information useful, give us ideas, or even just be entertained by our thoughts. Through the years, we heard from so many of you, wanting to know more about how the three of us handle different situations or how we see certain things and we realized that the blog was so much more than fashion and kids. It has turned into sharing our perspectives on everything from fashion to kids to food to work, and everything in between. So we decided that a more fitting name for the blog would be Love, Sheena Nina & Dipti – cause every post is brought to you with all of our love from the three of us.

We appreciate so much all the love that you have shown us over the years and hope to continue hearing from you. We hope you guys enjoy what’s to come as much as we’ve enjoyed making this blog. The best part for us is hearing from you guys so please be sure to leave us comments below, Facebook posts, Instagram messages – whatever you want! We appreciate your patience as we implement this change across the board and can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

Here’s to the start of a great 2018!

love, SND

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