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This Is Us (Literally)

By now you’ve either heard of this show or you’re obsessed with it like we are. Now that the season has come to an end, we wanted to dish our thoughts on it as this is the ONE show all three of us watched religiously and all LOVED (clearly, this rarely happens). This Is Us is all the craze right now and finally, it’s for a good reason. This show isn’t packed with over the top drama, or barely understandable dry humor, or anything even resembling reality TV. This show is the first of its kind and we just can’t get enough of it. If you haven’t finished the first season, take the time to do so… But also, don’t read on because there might be some spoilers below!

We’ve talked about this show, cried together over this show, and just sat in silence in amazement when it comes to this show. Here are some reasons why this show is really Us.

1. Being a Parent is Hard Work – This Is Us does not hide this fact at all. It doesn’t sugar coat parenthood nor does it make it so heinous that there’s no way you could relate. It shows us that as a parent, we constantly question our decisions, intentions, suggestions, methods, and confidence of being a good parent. It shows us that our decisions really do make a difference in our kids lives in the long run – and not always in a bad way!

2. The decision to have kids is already hard and you are not sure if you are ready, but are you ever really “ready”? The conversation that Jack and Rebeca have in the bar about having kids is literally a conversation we’ve all had. We LOVED our lives the way they were before kids and we were terrified about changing any of it. It was such a raw conversation but it made each of us finally feel like we weren’t that selfish for thinking it if it’s a conversation that people other than us have had!

3. Randall – growing up a small part of every child can relate to Randall, including us. Even though we had tons of friends, lots of family and amazing parents, a small part of us could relate to Randall and the concept of feeling different and not accepted. It’s a feeling that nags at you and forces you to introspect – a process that every kid goes through at some point in their lives and makes them just a little more confident in who’ve they’ve chosen to be.

4. It gives us hope that there is a chance for a more “racially equal” America. The lead characters adopt a little African American boy without regard to what that would entail as the big three grew up. They face the trials and tribulations of parenting their own children with their adopted child and though they truly love and accept this child, not everything comes naturally when it comes to raising Randall. We all have a child, a niece, a nephew, a cousin who is different than the rest. This show puts into perspective and on screen the inner struggle with adjusting and ultimately accepting the person the way they are.

5. Just like Randall, we can also all relate to Kate. Every single one of us goes through what Kate goes through of feeling insecure about our looks/weight. But the strength that she finds to accept herself for who she is and not fall into societal expectations is what we all are striving for. The moment in the show where she finally starts to do things for herself and not for the world is a point in the show that really brings home Kate’s struggle and fierce determination to feel good about herself.

6. We all want a Jack… Ok, this one is for the romantics out there. Yes, we get it, he isn’t real, its a show, but geez, what a romantic and what a mess all at the same time. His undying, unwavering, intense love for his wife and the way he shows it over and over again, through his actions and his affection for his kids really touches the heart. Of course we are not complaining, but can we get a apartment lit up with a bath waiting for us? 😉

7. This show is just DIFFERENT! It’s not about violence, romance, politics, suspense, etc. It’s also not a chick flick or a guy’s show… it is just raw, natural, real life issues that every person can relate to in some way or the other. The timing of the show couldn’t have been better either – just when the world is on thin ice about race, acceptance, differences, this show puts all of that into perspective.

8. This show is pro-family. It shows the family in a positive light, always choosing each other over everything else. No matter what the tension, what the issue, the kids pick each other, the couple always picks each other and they all always pick the family unit. Of course it’s not always black and white and we love that the show doesn’t force it to be that way either. They are all complex and tough in their own ways but their path always leads to each other.

9. The back and forth with past and present really given dimension to the show. We love that the show is able to display how their past directly relates to their present. With the setting being in the 90s, a lot of the little scenes bring back memories of our childhood for us too.

10. The acting is phenomenal. We love that, apart from Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia the cast is not made up of A list stars who the show had to rely on to make it a hit. The story and acting goes far beyond any of the star power any of the actors had and we’ve all truly begun to love them for their roles.

With all that being said, we were a little disappointed that we didn’t learn how Jack died in the season finale. That would have added closure to the season. However, as Mandy Moore mentioned on Instagram, “And for those somehow frustrated with the finale not revealing how Jack passed, I would encourage patience. Otherwise you might be watching the wrong show. Last night was fundamental to the bigger picture. The story deviated and ultimately landed on (I think) a more compelling question… what was the state of this relationship in the end? And as Milo so eloquently stated, let’s focus on how the man lived! Stay tuned cause it’s all leading somewhere and we’re just getting started.”  We shared some of our favorite quotes from the season with you guys! Let’s indulge in them until next time. We CANNOT wait for Season 2 to begin and see where is takes us both emotionally and mentally.

What were your thoughts on This Is Us?


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