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The RAR Husbands


You all know the three of us pretty well! We’ve shared our stories about work/life balance, stories of raising our kids, and of course, our fashion! Well, none of this is possible without the 3 Runways and Rattles husbands! They are truly the force behind the three of us and without them we wouldn’t be able to pursue our passions and share those passions with you!

Today we want to share our husbands’ roles in our busy lives! They are all so incredibly different from each other but they all share one common quality – they are incredibly supportive and share in every part of our lives!


In Sheena’s home, Sammy has been (and always will be) very hands on with the kids and their home. Their roles are truly 50/50, whether it be kids, household chores or socializing. While he is the one that works and Sheena is the SAHM, she can never say that she does everything for the kids while he works and earns for the family. Fortunately, being a Mortgage Broker, his work schedule is very flexible, so when and if he is needed at home for any reason, he is able to do most of his work on the go. He truly enjoys being present for all of the kids’ milestones and tends to take charge of their needs. If they had to divide up roles, it would be that Sheena handles all of the kids’ activities, play dates and cooking. He primarily focuses on working, kids’ morning routine (apparently Sheena just can’t wake up in time) and all of their finances. He is also supportive of her role in doing her own business/blog on the side and is always willing to adjust his schedule for her needs when possible. The weekends are usually consumed of kids social commitments and their exploring the town with the kids. They try to be completely available during the weekends for the kids since the weekdays are usually structured with school, homework and activities. They have a very healthy social life – he is always catering to her girls’ nights out and she to his boys’ weekends. And thanks to their parents, they are able to take some time for themselves for an occasional get-away or date night. They have been married for 12 years now and have learned to have mutual respect for each others space and their space together, which they believe is the secret behind any successful marriage.

0026DJ Nitro

In Nina’s household, it’s a balancing act of two working parents. Nina works for a nursing grant through a large philanthropic foundation and Neal owns his own business. Needless to say there is definitely a lot more sharing of responsibilities when it comes to their household. Neal has a very hectic schedule and sometimes has to be in the office till the wee hours of the morning, so kids, doggie, and household duties are conquered very differently between them. In their case, Nina manages the kids’ “stuff”, the household chores and decorating of course, and she is in charge of the house finances. Neal takes charge of the home’s maintenance (i.e. making sure there are no bugs ever!), managing the big finances (life insurance, retirement plans, etc.), all of their fur baby Nylo’s healthcare, and their car maintenance – all while running his own business with his own employees who are his family too! Neal usually ends up having to work at least one weekend day (or two weekend nights) every week, so the family as a whole tries not to over-commit themselves now that the girls’ social calendars are more active than theirs. Most important to them though is that they are present for all the kids events together and they themselves try to go on a date night once a month to keep their highschool romance going amongst the organized chaos they call life. Neal also values his extended family and close friends so he loves hosting BBQs or get togethers with the people he cares for the most. Neal has also been our business consultant when it comes to random things on this blog venture and he is not shy when it comes to feedback! This year will mark 17 years for them (yes, this started in high school) and needless to say their relationship’s dynamic has evolved quite tremendously – although they still act like they are 17 at times!

Dedhia-226Sach Diddy

Sachin is the most level-headed and probably the most tame of the 3 hubbies. He is the much needed voice of reason in their family as Dipti is the drama queen of the entire clan! Sachin is a manager in the Corporate world so his time at home is precious to us all. His role in the household is to manage all of the finances and take out the trash ;). He loves to experiment with cooking too, so on days he makes it home early enough he loves to make something fun for dinner (which he usually starts, gets irritated with, and makes Dipti finish)! Since he doesn’t get to spend much of the day with Diav, he cherishes his time with his baby boy during Diav’s first and last feeds. He also puts Diav to bed so he gets those extra 10 minutes with him which make a huge difference! Of course the trade off for coming home in time to feed Diav is working through the evening after dinner (which makes Dipti cranky but as long as hubby is home she doesn’t mind staring at him stare at his computer)! Sachin’s weekends are consumed by Diav and he loves it – he tries to spend as much time with him as possible and it gives Dipti a nice break from the little one too. Sachin has a group of friends he grew up with and spending time with them is part of Sach’s balance of time. The dynamic in the junior Dedhia house has been a work in progress since Diav made his appearance – both parents want to spend time with Diav, with each other, and outside of the house. Going 5 1/2 years of marriage and not a dull moment yet!

Believe us when we say that life is definitely not hunky dory all the time, we are normal couples just like the next – we quarrel over dumb stuff, we all use each other as venting boards, and we all want to strangle each other at times – but that just makes for better, stronger relationships, knowing that we can get past it and move on. God knows we all feel overwhelmed at times and wish that we could just get a month off of “life responsibilities,” but we keep in mind that – “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain!” Tell us how you conquer your household responsibilities and any tips for making it easier – we are all ears!

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