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The Perfect Pair of Jeans

jean-denim-promotionThere are certainly those days where we want to bum around in sweat pants all day long, but when stepping out, a nice pair jeans would do the trick! Jeans are quite possibly the hardest thing to shop for! They can either be extremely unflattering or just plain out uncomfortable. We are sure that every woman (and man in this matter) has to try so many styles, brands and cuts to figure out the perfect pair for them. The three of us have done the same and realized that we have such different preferences when it comes to our jeans. We figured it’d be fun to share those with you all! We’re sure you have your preferences and favorite brands/stores to shop for jeans as well and we’d love to hear what those are!

Sheena’s Jeans

Sheena has been through probably the most pair of jeans out of all of us! She loves having the array of options in different washes, styles, lengths and cuts and always ends up sticking to the 4 or 5 pairs out of 30 that are her go-tos! Doesn’t every girl? Over the years her preference has also changed with jeans. Back in high school, she was never really into the skinny jeans, because she was paranoid about her thunder thighs. In college and beyond, she has been able to embrace her thighs (especially after working out and toning them more) and now finds herself almost always wearing skinny jeans. She also has switched from a low-rise style to now more of a mid-rise jean (especially after having babies and not completely toned in the belly area). She (like Dipti – its a Vaid thing) has a larger rear then normal so she has to cater to that as well. She has a few pairs that she loves, but her top two are below!

Hudson – Sheena loves Hudson jeans mainly because they are super soft, slightly stretchy material and the fit for her is very flattering. She likes that there are options with the rises, styles and colors. Her fav pair is the skinny ankle length pair that she bought at a random boutique in AC.

Express – These jeans are the perfect mid-rise super skinny jeans that work great for flats or boots so that there isn’t extra material sagging around the ankle when tucked into the boots. They are as tight as leggings, but a true jean look and she loves these! So much so that she has bought every wash they make in this style (of course for variety sake!)

Nina’s Jeans

Nina has always been the tom-boy of us three so high fashion was never her thing, hence her need for comfort over style (thank goodness she has two daughters). Needless to say, Nina hates shopping for jeans… she always has and probably always will. In high school she was the only one of us (and all our friends) to rock JNCOs (anyone remember those?!). Well they are back, but that ship has clearly sailed for Nina. So, from what she has attempted to like and what she feels she can make work are the below. Again, this is always a moving target for Nina since she probably owns like 4 pairs of jeans and if she could get away with wearing leggings for the rest of her life, she probably would!

Target – The Mossimo brand jeans at Target are super comfortable and they are soft/flexible. The last thing Nina wants is for her jeans to be so tight that she cannot even maneuver in them. Hence her love for these jeans. Plus, when Target sales hit (plus the 5% off with the Redcard) you can literally get them for like $15 a pair!

Buffalo – The David Bitton Buffalo jeans are also SUPER soft and a pretty good fit. Again, Nina has one pair of these, but loves the way they fit on her. She has tried stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls for high end jeans, but again the fits never seem to work for her…

Dipti’s Jeans

Dipti had a unique body to fit jeans on – she has a slim waist but a huge back side (also known to her friends as a bubble butt)! Her problem with finding the perfect pair of jeans is wanting them to sit low on her waist but not riding down in the back. She’s found that stretchy jeans are her thing – not jeggings but soft mostly cotton jeans! When she was much younger she used to shop at PacSun for her jeans because they were perfectly stretchy. They still rode down in the back but her solution for that was to permanently wear tank tops tucked in under all of her tops – annoying! Lately, she has found a few amazing brands and stores that are perfect for what she is looking for!

Old Navy – AH! These jeans are God sent! One, they are cheap cheap cheap! Dipti buys the Rockstar low-rise jeans from here and they fit her waist and butt perfectly! Also, did we mention that they’re SO CHEAP!? They’re the perfect every day jeans that you don’t mind getting puked on, drool all over, and taking on a trip to, lets say, India!

JBrand – Ok, before we get into this one more, we have to tell you that JBrand sells their jeans at places like TJMaxx or Century21 for about 1/4 the price so we’re definitely not dishing $250 on a pair of jeans! Dipti loves her 2 JBrand pair of jeans because they’re again, soft and stretchy! She wears these occasionally because they’re mostly dark jeans she can only pull off at night (and with a 1 year old she is not going anywhere special these days)!


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