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The Dhoti Style Simplified


Wedding season is still in full gear and we are gearing up for 3 family weddings in a row! Yes, that’s right, 3 of our Vaid cousins are getting married all within the next 6 months, so needless to say, we are on a rampage to “Renew Our Runway.” We are pulling out some of our oldies but goodies and playing around with them to throw a new twist into the look.

This is one of our favorite bhandani lenghas! The dhoti pant style is so popular these days and usually created with a sari and seems to be very complicated. So in true Vaid sister style, we decided to simplify it and try this look with a lengha. It actually turned out super cool and was incredibly comfortable and easy to do. The one thing is making sure you have ample amounts of flair in the skirt you are using – that’s the only way you can get the pleats the way you see in the pictures! Check out our incredibly easy step by step tutorial below. (Really it’s only two steps, but it looks like so much more!)


Start with your lengha skirt completely straight and even on both sides. Pinch a two to three inch section of the fabric from the front middle and pull it backwards under the bottom of the back of your lengha. Move the back of the skirt fabric to the sides as you are pulling the front middle up towards the back top of your skirt.



Pull that gathered part all the way up the back and tuck it into the middle of the top of your skirt. Be sure to fix any borders and bunched fabric to make it look neat. Pin the fabric to the back of the skirt top and you are done! Be sure to place several pins to make sure it is completely secure. You may want to add a pin or two to the areas in the back where the “holes” for your legs are, just so that slit does not ride up too far! And as quickly as that, you can create the awesome dhoti style look that brides are swooning over without the hassle of a full sari!




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  1. Wow this is an awesome idea!

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