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Raksha Bhandan


Raksha Bhandan is a special day we look forward to every year. It celebrates the unconditional and continuous love between brothers and sisters. Being three sisters, we never felt the absence of a brother figure in our lives because we have so many amazing cousin brothers that are always front and center for us at all times! We count our blessings every year, especially on this day. Being such a special celebration for us, we want our kids to join in on this special holiday and be able to celebrate that same appreciation for their siblings. Sheena has 3 sons and Nina has 2 daughters and they have grown up calling each other their brothers and sisters. So, this day was very special to all of them since they were able to practice the culture by tying rakhis and doing all of the other traditional fun! We are so happy they are able to celebrate their love for each other! Happy raksha bandhan to all you siblings celebrating!






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