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Packing for an Indian Wedding


Indian weddings can be extremely intense to pack for, especially when you stay in a hotel, or better yet, they are abroad and you have to take all your other kiddie things with you. Well, Mommy Vaid has helped us simplify this process with something she has been making us do when traveling with our Indian clothes – and let us tell you  – that with kid Indian clothes it’s a life saver! First off, make labels for each event. Then place the labels on the floor and start to lay out all your options. We usually have to make sure that we are not duplicating colors/styles between the 4 of us (sorry for the photobomb – Nylo was not happy about all the clothes in his space :)).

Next, we use these Ziplock or Hefty 2/2.5 gallon bags and pack the clothes according to event. Try to flatten the bags out removing excess air so that they sit nicely on top of each other and take up the least space! In Nina’s case, she packed her stuff in one bag and both of the girls stuff in one bag. If Neal was traveling with them, his stuff would go in its own bag.

Next, be sure to put anything you need in those bags – hair accessories, bangles, bindis, jewelry (unless you travel separately with that), shoes, etc. And LABEL LABEL LABEL – lord knows once you get to where you are going – things get hectic and it can be hard to remember what goes with what!


Usually these clothes are heavy, so to distribute the weight evenly, place all those bulky items at the bottom of your suitcase putting the ones you will need last all the way at the bottom and working your way up. Once you get to your destination, you can easily take the bags out and place them on the side, or just leave them in the suitcase without worrying about things getting mixed up. And last but not least – as each event ends – put things back in their respective bags (minus the labels) so that when you get home, you can easily unpack and get your house back in order!

We hope this little packing trip was helpful. We always appreciate any tips you have when traveling for Indian weddings so do share them with us @runwaysandrattles on Instagram or Facebook! Would love to see your creative side!!!

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