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One Crop Top – Three Ways!


We all have our mom’s saris that we are dying to wear but the blouse just does not fit (even with a slight alteration) or it’s so not out style!  Well, Mommy Vaid has a million saris (or so it seems like a million with the way she takes over every closet in the house) and the three of us are always eyeing them!  But those blouses, oh my those blouses, are just not our cup of tea. So for a recent wedding, Dipti was determined to wear this peach and mint sari. Our mom’s blouse is shown here, however, pinned and pulled in all directions that it really isn’t wearable in public. So Dipti picked up a peach, lace crop top from Forever 21 and paired it with this sari to wear to her event. She tried her hand at pairing the same top with a black lengha skirt and chundri (shown here too!) and also a high waisted skirt. Now that’s bang for your buck! One top, three different outfit combinations!






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