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Favorite Mandap Designs


Nina and Dipti recently learned how to navigate Pinterest, so during our RAR meeting this past weekend, AS USUAL, we went on a huge tangent. We all started oooing and ahhhing over all these beautiful Mandap designs that are displayed all over the site. Since our cousin is getting married next year, we couldn’t help but think about what “we” would want for “her” wedding – typical Vaids! We ended up spending so much time on it, we figured to share each of our top three favorite mandap designs with you! This, along with everything else on our blog, just goes to show how different our tastes are! Be sure to let us know your favorite picks from these! (BTW…that swing above was the reason this all started!! Isn’t it beautiful?)

Sheena’s Picks:




Nina’s Picks:



Dipti’s Picks:




Sources: Swing / Sheena (1, 2, 3) / Nina (1(her own), 2, 3) / Dipti (1, 2, 3)

One comment on “Favorite Mandap Designs

  1. Neelam Chugh says:

    Beautiful and mind blowing. You sisters are really very creative and excellent. Keep it up ladies.

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