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Mom’s Old Jems


We love when women hold on to their precious jewels from when they were younger or from their weddings as something that they will one day pass on to their daughters. Despite being one of the top ranked jewelers in New Jersey, our mom is one of those women that holds on to those select few items in hopes of her girls wearing them again. Recently she sat down with us and showed us some of her old gems that she saved from back in the day.  Since we have such a passion for jewelry, especially antique styles, we loved her stuff and she was so happy to pass it on!  Check out this antique pendant that we put on a long chain and how we can wear it so many different ways. It’s one of our favorites! What are some of your favorite old gems that you’re still wearing?






One comment on “Mom’s Old Jems

  1. Pooja Vaid says:

    My favourite ring came from our Bapuji (Grandad!). Love this post – great idea to recycle old jewels – they’re the best! 🙂

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