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Modern Mangalsutra


A mangalsutra is a necklace that the groom ties around the brides neck symbolizing their union and the woman becoming a wife.  Recently Sheena has consulted with so many brides who have wanted a mangalsutra that they can “wear with everything.” Her advice is to get a diamond or gold (white, yellow, rose or two-toned gold) pendant that will be interchangeable with a gold chain and a black beads chain (the traditional mangalsutra chain). This customization gives brides the ability to wear this beautiful piece of jewelry traditionally or with a more “modern” look.  Check out this black and white diamond mangalsutra that Sheena recently designed. If you already have a traditional Mangalsutra, let us help you figure out how to modernize it! Tweet us a picture of your mangalsutra to @RunwaysRattles, Instragram to #runwaysandrattles or email us a picture at and we can help brainstorm!





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