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Making New Friends

As sisters, yes, Sheena, Nina and Dipti have the same exact blood running through their veins, but they are as different as can be, especially when it comes to meeting new people and making friends. Dipti is probably the most social of them all, she loves talking to people, striking new conversations and curious about other people’s journeys. Nina, on the other hand, is the most shy. While she would love to make new friends she’s not as comfortable putting out there. Sheena is somewhere in the middle. She is very happy and content with the friends she has in her life, however, she also likes making new friends. She isn’t one to make a huge effort in finding new friends, but when she does organically meet new people, she makes the effort to make them friends and keep in touch.

Sheena and Nina are moving into brand new towns this summer and have been thinking about what the best way to meet new people would be. They want to make friends in town that they can spend time with and that have kids the same age for the littles. So far, they have had such different experiences and they haven’t even settled into the towns! We are sharing some of the ways they have met new people and plan on making friends in town.

Get Out There:

  1. Meet Your Neighbors – this should be the easiest way and a top priority on the list. Try things like asking your neighbor for recommendations on dry cleaners, or who mows their lawn, etc. etc. They will likely be the ones you depend on the most. Even hosting game nights, themed pot lucks or just wine and cheese nights would be so fun and will keep the loop of invitations rolling in.
  2. Friends of Friends – meeting people through friends of your existing friends in town is the best way. It feels like you are stealing your friends friends, but it is just expanding the network, and that is completely fine. Sheena has met most of her new Holmdel friends exactly like this, and they are such a fun crowd!
  3. Join a Gym – working out is a priority for Sheena and ever since she has started CrossFit, she has loved what a community feel it has. In her current gym, she has made some amazing and lifelong friends that will always be a part of her life. She even hangs out with them outside of the gym, which is so fun! A gym, group fitness classes or even local workout sessions in the park is a great way to meet locals and connect.
  4. Connect with Co-Workers – if you work in and around the town, connecting with your co-workers and their friends can be a great way to meet people. Go out for a drink after work and let lose, its a great way to make connections in the work place and keep them light.
  5. Social Media Groups – Even though Sheena, Nina and Dipti don’t really use social media to “make new friends”, there are a lot of resources on Facebook to meet people. There are local town mommy groups, buying/selling groups, etc. that people make connections on.

Use Your Kids as a Catalyst:

  1. School Friends Parents – a great way to meet people in town is obviously via your children. They so quickly make friends in school and are excited to spend every living moment with them, so scheduling after school or weekend playdates with the kids gives you a chance to connect with their parents. Even getting the kids classmates contact information from the teacher (if allowed) and sending them a quick note to introduce yourself and say you are new to town is a great step. It’s a great way to know who you kids are friends with and meet great families in town.
  2. School PTA – the parents association in any school is full of fun activities and committed people to the experience your children will ave in school. Joining the PTA/PTO will give you the opportunity to meet great locals.
  3. Community Activities – Join the community pool, community sports and events will give you the same opportunity to meet different families and parents in the neighborhood. Sheena and Nina have met great people in their current towns this way and plan to be a part of these community groups again to meet more great people.
  4. Bus Stop – this ties in with meeting your neighbors. Chit chatting with parents of kids at the bus stop for even a few minutes opens up potential relationships. A few minutes of chatter every day will lead to longer and longer conversations and build a friendship within the neighborhood.
At the end of the day, there’s a certain level of comfort with your lifelong friend. But when you look outside, there are so many amazing people with their own stories that are open to share them and their lives with you! Sure, we don’t see it when we go through the motions of our every day lives but when you get jolted into a new environment, you’re forced to look outside of your own bubble. And as Momma Vaid tells us, always always always know your kids’ friends’ parents. Sheena and Nina understand that creating this community for them and their kids will take a great effort and they are ready to undertake it. They are just excited to finally settle into their forever (maybe) homes and move forward in their lives.

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