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Kallan Sachin Dedhia

The Summer is over and we’re back with some special news!

It is our immense pleasure to finally introduce the eighth (and final) member of our little clan, Kallan Sachin Dedhia. Kal was born on June 19, 2017, a few hours earlier than planned, happy and healthy! Dipti, Sachin, and Diav have been spending these last couple of weeks welcoming their baby boy and adjusting to life as a foursome. Dip and Sach went through a LOT of names before they both decided that Kallan was a name that they both continued to love after a few weeks. It means “powerful” and boy has our little man been living up to his name already!!!

Dipti’s delivery didn’t exactly go as planned. Because she had a C-section with Diav, she had scheduled a C for Kallan on the 19th at 11:00am. Dipti and Sachin had planned it all out – they were going to eat a great last dinner, get a full night’s sleep, get ready in the morning, drop Diav to school, and go straight to the hospital from there. Well, about 9:00pm the night before Dipti thought she was getting sick from the huge Mexican meal she just had and was keeling over in pain. She called Nina and asked her what to do and Nin immediately came over and told her she was in labor. Yikes! After about 2 hours of being in denial, talking to her doctor, and praying that the pain would stop, Dipti accepted that she was in labor, having contractions consistently and freakng out. So they called their doc and needless to say, off they went to the hospital. No sleep, no long, relaxing shower, no saying bye to Diav. Six hours later, her amazing doctor came to deliver our angel and little boy Kallan arrived.

It has been a roller coaster for us all having a newborn around. Sheena has no recollection of what a newborn entails and often finds herself at a loss with what to do when baby Kal cries. Nina on the other hand is a pro and finds it amusing as Sheena and Dipti try to figure out what to do with the little guy. Dipti has been busy to say the least, trying to get through the motions of newborn life but also trying to enjoy every minute of the cuddles and snuggles she knows (for a fact) won’t last too long.

Kal showed up to the party with a few hiccups that made things a little tougher the first few months. Dipti expected another Diav – eat, sleep, poop, repeat. After all, isn’t that what all newborns do? Well, Kal started off as a typical newborn but things quickly changed direction when Dipti found out that Kal’s persistent fussiness was caused by a dairy allergy! Stay tuned for a more detailed post on that. After finding that out things have gotten slightly easier as Kal’s belly is now on the mend!

Diav has taken to his little brother like a champ! He is beyond obsessed with hugging and kissing him and can’t get enough of his little buddy. He’s even come up with his own nickname that no one else can call Kal: “Kallsy Wallsy.” We all thought that Diav would go through the normal behaviors of getting a new sibling like jealousy and regression, but so far he’s been treating Kallan like his little toy rather than something that takes attention away from him. Sachin and Dipti have also tried to make it a point to spend some quality time with Diav as well so that he doesn’t feel abandoned by them. They also don’t want to miss out on Diav growing up (since it’s happening at the speed of lightening), so they try to get as much time with him as they can in between Kal’s stuff.

It seems the older kids are over the excitement of new babies as they see them too often in our fam! They’ll give him the “hi baby Kal,” and “aw he’s so cute” and then they’ll run off to the playroom. Can’t blame them!

Check back to read all about our busy summers and what we’re up to now! We’ve got some great posts coming this year, including some special guest posts that we think you guys will love! We also can’t wait to share our new fashion obsessions with you all! Of course, follow us on Instagram for daily updates (especially our Insta stories that we add to all the time: Sheena, Nina, Dipti – Nina is still trying to figure this out). Can’t wait to share it all with you!

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