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Indian Clothes Hacks


We are sharing some much needed hacks when it comes to Indian clothes! These simple things will change the way you get dressed in your finest! We all hate when we’re tying a “naru” and it keeps loosening, or when there’s a skirt with hooks instead of a string and it doesn’t fit your waist, or the worst – when there are a million pleats tucked into the front of your sari, making you look like you have a weird belly! Well, here are some easy fixes to those annoying problems! We’d love to hear any Indian clothes hacks you all have come up with too!

The Hooked Skirt

Hook Hack

When a lengha skirt has the dreaded hooks instead of drawstring closure it always forces the awful thought of whether it’s going to fit or not! Well, we’ve figured out a way it will always fit!  Instead of trying to safety pin the skirt to each other and causing a bunchy look, simply place a safety pin through the skirt where the ideal hook should be. Make sure you reveal enough of the pin through the skirt so that the hook can fit onto it like in the middle picture. Finally, place the hook onto the pin and there you have it – a skirt that fits without bunching or looking messy!

The “Naru”


When tying a skirt, especially a chaniyo/petticoat under a sari, the worst is when the string loosens while you’re tying the bow. It basically makes the rest of the outfit a disaster because either your sash or sari is bound to fall out of a loosely tied skirt. Try our super easy hack! Instead of making one loop with the string, make two! Once you loop the string twice, pull tight and notice that it doesn’t loosen! Perfect!! Be sure to tie the bow at the desired end!

Sweat in Undesired Places


Now that it’s summertime, we all know the undesired sweat marks that start showing up (yes, no one talks about it but it’s there and it’s annoying!). Sure it’s sexy when you’re at the gym, but it’s definitely not when you’re at a wedding dressed to the nines! Well, sweat no more! We’ve got the perfect and easily done hack that will rid you of those nasty sweat marks under your arms and on your back. To start, take panty liners that have sticky backs on them. Place them on the inside of your blouse under the arms either vertically or horizontally so that they absorb any sweat that may make its way to the blouse. For your back, place the liner (or multiple liners) across the blouse where you get sweaty. Genius right?! Just make sure that they are not showing on the right side of the blouse!

Too Many Pleats


There is nothing worse than putting on a gorgeous sari only to find that there are a million pleats in the front making a weird bulge in the front center of your outfit. Here is the easiest fix to your bulky problem! Take the end of the sari that gets tucked in first (the opposite end of the “palu”). Fold that end over inward as much as desired (the skinnier you are, the more you’ll need to fold in). After folding it over, pin the corner of the sari to where you folded it over so that the folded part doesn’t fall out. Now, start tucking your sari in with the new “end” of your sari and you’ll see that you’ve decreased the numbers of pleats significantly!!

We’d love to hear any Indian clothes hacks you all have come up with! Comment below and share with us all!!

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