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High Waisted Lengha


In our younger days, we were all comfortable strutting our mid sections with the contemporary styles that India had going on… However, since then we have had to think about ways to repurpose our clothes so that we can still wear them, just a little more conservatively! Nina had bought this strapless lengha choli during her wedding shopping 8 years ago and still loves it today. Since the high waisted look is back in style, all she had to do was pull up her lengha to a higher point on her waist, and voila – a new way for her to wear the outfit. She also paired it with a shrug to get an “Indian dress” kind of look, since the top and the lengha touched to give a seamless look. Try this with any outfit, especially one with a shorter blouse/top.. you will be amazed at how cute it looks with this little tweak!







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