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Happy Independence Day, India!


India is celebrating their 69th year of Independence and though we’re far, India will remain near and dear to our hearts forever. We were all born in London and moved to the US when we were really young and never really got any real time in India because we didn’t have much family there. We try to keep the culture of celebrating India’s Independence by taking part in our local parades and teaching the kids about it.

Now that we’re older, we’ve been back to India several times for wedding shopping, to visit our in-laws and to visit our friends. There are so many things we love about that country! Sheena and Dipti are going back to Bombay soon to visit their in-laws and can’t wait to go back to all of their favorite places!


1.  Whether you’ve been to India a million times or just heard of it, Marine Drive is a must!

2.  Need fruit? Bangles? Saris? Shoes? Furniture? Yup, you can get all of that in Bhuleshwar!

3.  Even if you don’t believe, you have to visit at least one temple in India, make it Siddhivinayak!

4.  Ok, you have to go to this temple too because you’ll regret every second not visiting Haji Ali.

5.  We love the beautiful landmark that is the Gateway of India – a monument you can’t forget.

6.  Not afraid of the masses? Take a local train ride a few stops just to witness organized chaos.

7.  Spend money shopping on Linking Road and be sure to grab a famous grilled sandwich!

8.  Want to take some big risks? Well, the pani puri in Elco market is worth it!

9.  And of course there’s no place like home in Mulund or Borivali.

Happy Independence Day India! Can’t wait to be back!

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